How to Gain Mileage from Storage Fixtures to Attract Customers and Improve Sales

How to Gain Mileage from Storage Fixtures to Attract Customers and Improve Sales

With the rise in popularity of online shopping, brick and mortar retail stores are looking for ways of attracting customers to make them arrive at the door. To create a memorable experience for shoppers, retail shop owners are investing in in-store technology and unique fixture designs to make the shopping experience more creative and exciting.

Gain Mileage from Storage Fixtures

Despite the popularity of online stores, US consumers still rely heavily on brick and mortar stores that contribute 90 percent of retail sales.

The exposure of merchandise plays a crucial role in improving sales. So storage fixture manufacturers like Lemon Tree Products offer customers flexible and versatile storage solutions that are just appropriate for meeting the expectations of retailers.

The customizable tables are well designed and ideal for any layout that facilitates higher product visibility and accessibility, thereby resulting in more sales. The more customers can see and feel the products more likely they would buy it. 

Circular store layout 

The extent of product visibility depends not only on the table design but also on the store layout because a circular layout exposes customers to more merchandise that the traditional aisle layout. However, it depends on the available space because the circular layout would require much larger space. To increase the visibility of products when having a linear store layout, you must use bold display boards right in the middle. It will compel customers to stop and look at the products. 

The aisle spaces must be sufficient to allow free movement of customers without bumping into one another. It must also be free from barriers to enable easy access to the products.

Create visual impact with tables

Tables are the most common store fixtures that help to create high visual impact by displaying products attractively. A variety of meals like Island tables, Market tables, Square tables, Orchard tables, and wall tables are available in the choicest color that matches with the design, décor, and theme of the store. Choosing the right table for the layout should help to catch the customers’ eyes easily. Moreover, the tables are unique and have a story to tell as opposed to traditional tables.

 Use the vertical space wisely

Since the focus of retail stores is to keep products within handshaking distance of customers, retailers give more stress to the use of tables laid at a convenient height. But the space above it remains unutilized or underutilized.

It is time that you pay attention to the space between the displayed merchandise and the ceiling. Proper vertical space utilization is necessary not for displaying products but accessories like signage and display boards that drive customers to the tables. By using lifestyle graphics hung above the tables, you can help customers associate with the products or brands closely.

Retailers should work closely with store fixture manufacturers to make them understand the needs that help to select the right type of store fixtures. Today, store fixture manufacturers are ready to collaborate with customers to create a partnership that helps businesses achieve their goals more effectively with professional guidance in choosing store fixtures.

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