How Playster Can Save You Money On Entertainment

How Playster Can Save You Money On Entertainment

If you’re anything like us, movies, music and books make up some of your favorite pastimes. We’re huge entertainment buffs and we love the freedom today’s streaming services offer. But juggling subscriptions for a number of platforms can easily become a headache and quickly add up in the fee department.

The only real downside to enjoying on-demand entertainment seems to be the price. Every month, a substantial chunk of cash goes towards paying bills for services like Netflix. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Playster recently landed on our radar, showcasing an exciting new take on streaming. This new service offers users access to books, audiobooks, movies, music and games, all in one place. We’re not sure why no one else offers this sort of all-inclusive membership, but it makes perfect sense. Having one account for all of your fave albums, books and films is so convenient, it seems almost too good to be true.

With no restrictions – the company’s motto is ‘Entertainment Unlimited’ – Playster lets you stream as much content as you want every month (either through the app or from a browser) for one flat fee. You can even bookmark titles to enjoy on-the-go when you’re offline.

Surely that means it’s expensive, right? Wrong. Bundling gives you unlimited access to all of their catalogs and costs $24.95. Not bad at all! Pick and choose between the services you use most and you’ll only pay $9.95 for music, $3.95 for movies, $9.95 for books and $4.95 for games. Just think of all the things you’ll be able to do with the money you save! Whether it’s something small like splurging on a fancy coffee or saving up for your dream trip. Put aside your savings every month and they’ll add up in no time.

Not having to worry about surge or consumption pricing is also a big plus. Up to five simultaneous logins allow an entire family (or you and your best friends) to enjoy Playster at the same time from almost any device. And there’s never a need to worry about keeping track of usage because it doesn’t matter! It won’t affect your flat monthly fee.

If you sign up for 12 months of service, you’ll also get one more money-saving perk: A free Playster Combo Box, which comes with an Android tablet and HD headphones valued at $250. Perfect if you were in the market for new electronics (which we alway are)!

You can try Playster FREE for 30 days and enjoy unlimited access to their catalog for an entire month by signing up here: