Guest post on Mustard Seed Money: Does debt really have to be a fact of life?

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Does debt really have to be a fact of life?

Several years ago, I confessed my family’s latest car purchase to a friend. I remember him saying, “You’ll always have a car payment”. So, why not upgrade, right!? Both of us saw debt as a fact of life.

I had accepted debt as an inescapable part of my life. My husband and I went from one car loan to the next, effectively wasting an estimated $85,000+ over several years, not to mention the mortgage debt we carried.

But I know we weren’t alone. The average household debt in the U.S. is growing faster than ever. And average student loan debt is at an all time high of $48,000, surpassing all non-mortgage debt.

We collectively know our debt is a growing problem, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Most of us don’t view debt as a choice. Our culture indoctrinates that massive amounts of debt is the American way.

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