GIVEAWAY – First of its Kind Here – Structured Settlement , Yes Please!

First the important stuff.  Have you ever been in an accident and been receiving checks weekly or monthly from your workers comp carrier?  Ever considered settling for a lump sum and using the money the way you want to?  Well consider a structured settlement to help use the money the way you want to and have access to it the way you want.  It is in essence structured the way you want, if you want more money now that is great and can be worked into it.

I used to work as a workers compensation adjuster and we would urge individuals to consider this type of annuity so that they were in control of the money.  It was also beneficial for the company as we would remove the claim from the employers claim experience.  Thus reducing the premiums that they would have to pay into the foreseeable future.

Speaking from an employer perspective these were great in reducing costs.  But they also were beneficial to the employee as they did not have to worry about checks any longer.  They were guaranteed for as long as the annuity that they would receive the same check amount.

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