Getting Educated: 10 Amazing Investment Authors and Gurus You Need to Know About in 2019

Getting Educated: 10 Amazing Investment Authors and Gurus You Need to Know About in 2019

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Many of us are investing for our retirement these days and so we could all use the best tips of some of the most successful investors around. Here are 10 financial gurus you should keep an eye on in 2019 as they may lead you to financial success in the coming year.

1) Keith Fitzgerald

Keith Fitz Gerald is a senior investment strategist at Money Map Report and a highly experienced investor who offers expert opinions and top tips to help others achieve similar success. Fitzgerald provides you with complete guides to accumulating personal wealth, with actionable steps outline to help people achieve financial independence. Hailed as a market visionary by, he is a regular on television with CNBC, with his observations on financial markets being featured in websites and publications including Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal and MarketWatch.

2) Robert Kiyosaki

Many people have heard of the bestselling book Rich Dad, Poor Dad which was written about Robert Kiyosaki’s childhood. In the book, Kiyosaki compares his financially unsuccessful father with the dad of a close friend of his growing up. Despite his tender years, Kiyosaki gleaned a lot about the kind of person who creates financial success and he has fine-tuned his story to provide motivation to others. Many people firmly believe that Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a life-changing read. The book really focuses on developing the character traits of a rich person in order to promote and encourage personal wealth in the future.

3) Suze Orman

Suze Orman is an author and TV personality who is also well known in the world of personal fitness. Suze powered her way through a career to become a stockbroker at Merrill Lynch before launching her own firm, the Suze Orman Financial Group. Ms Orman has really worked hard to become a mover and shaker in the world of finance and she has tons of books which tell the secrets of her many successes. Suze Orman is living proof that you can work your way to the top, having started her career as a waitress. If you’re interested in improving your own personal finance, Suze Orman’s books are well worth looking out for.

4) David Bach

You may have heard of a series of books called Finish Rich and the Automatic Millionaire which was written by David Bach. David Bach is also a public speaker on the subject of personal finance and investment and is known for his simple techniques for building wealth. Bach is considered by many to be the father of modern-day personal finance which is largely due to his matter of fact way of writing. His work is easy to understand and the investment principles he outlines the epitome of common-sense.

5) Neale Godfrey

Neale Godfrey is one of the few female bankers who has been around for many decades. Originally starting out at Chase Manhattan bank in 1972, Godfrey has more than 30 years’ experience within finance that has made her an absolute font of wisdom for investors. Neale Godfrey is a prolific author and so there are many books out there for you to take a closer look at. The author has a range of books that focuses on parents and children, which has proven to be extremely popular.

6) Miranda Marquit

Miranda Marquit founded which is a portal website focused on making savings as well as investing to grow wealth. However, many of the things she recommends enable people to free up a little more disposable income by making savings elsewhere. Every successful investor takes care not to waste money in other areas and Miranda Marquit’s books are bulging with ways to save that make a significant difference. One of the reasons Miranda Marquit has achieved success is because her financial solutions are easy to achieve and manage and many people have benefited from her experience.

7) J Money

Self-proclaimed investment nerd ‘J Money’ has a significant Twitter presence. This is down to how he very publicly multiplied his savings by 1000% from $50,000 to $500,000. J Money is a former graphic designer who used his personal blog to catalogue his investment journey, which helped him to build a sizeable audience. His blog is called Budgets are Sexy and as Miranda Marquit above, he focuses on making savings to free up investment capital. J Money’s tips are invaluable for people who have a lot of outgoings they need to keep a track on. He also shares information on how to minimize credit card debt and reduce loan payments so that you have more money to save or invest elsewhere.

8) Ramit Sethi

Self-styled personal finance guru Ramit Sethi wrote the book I Will Teach You to be Rich which is absolutely jam-packed with sound financial and investment advice. His approach varies in that he acknowledges the importance of saving while ensuring that wealth is being generated. It’s one thing to have the spare capital to invest once you’ve made savings but another to know what to do with it which is where Ramit Sethi steps in.

9) J D Roth

The book Get Rich Slowly and Money Boss was written by J D Roth who is considered to be extremely knowledgeable on personal finance and investment. J D Roth is an entrepreneur who shares his knowledge through his books and on his website Money Boss deals with more advanced aspects of personal finance. J D Roth’s objectives are to help people achieve financial independence.

10) Trent Hamm

Trent Hamm is the founder of the Simple Dollar which is a website he built after experiencing a financial meltdown. In picking himself up from misfortune, Trent Hamm has built a successful career sharing his knowledge with other aspiring investors. Having started from humble beginnings, the website has grown to become one of the most popular resources for personal finance information online. The site covers how to make savings as well as what to do with disposable cash to accumulate wealth.