12 Fun and Interesting Facts About Auto Insurance

12 Fun and Interesting Facts About Auto Insurance

If you live in the United States, you must already know that auto insurance is mandatory for a vehicle owner in almost every state. You don’t know what may happen while on the road. You might accidentally run someone over, injure a bystander, cause an accident between the other two or more vehicles, or worse cause damage to public property. However, the mistake may not always be yours.

This post is intended to share with you some light-hearted, fun and interesting facts about auto insurance in the United States. Indeed, Article IV, Section 2, Clause 1 in the U.S. Constitution does protect you from unexpected expenses befell on the road, even when you travel to another state, but it is wise to know, beforehand, the exact facts and information provided by the US government. 

Here Are the 12 Fun and Interesting Facts About Auto Insurance

1) Auto insurance is not mandatory for a vehicle owner in Virginia, New Hampshire, and Mississippi.

2) You can get free collision insurance by purchasing an electric car manufactured by Honda. Honda Fit EV is one of their electric cars rapidly becoming popular over the globe. – PRLOG

3) According to a study by InsuraneQuotes.com, married drivers (irrespective of their gender) are less likely to get into a car accident. And hence, auto insurance companies are showing more trust in them by offering low premiums. 

4) Americans were not the first ones to come up with Liability insurance for vehicle owners. This law or rule was first implemented by the Germans and subsequently by the British and Americans. – IRMI

5) In terms of market share, State Farm (18.1%), GEICO (12.8%), Progressive Corporation (9.8%), Allstate (9.3%), and USAA (5.7%) are one of the biggest auto insurance providers in the United States.- III

6) You will be surprised to learn that 1897 was the year when the first auto insurance policy was sold. –TravelersInsurance

7) Residents of Maine enjoy the privileges of paying the lowest auto insurance premium, which is $845. – Insure

8) Michigan has the highest average rate for auto insurance in the entire United States. The residents of Michigan pay a staggering $2,611 a year. – Insure

9) Legalization of recreational marijuana is leading to more crashes now in Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. The crash rate is up by 6 percent since the date of weed legalization- IIHS

10) Your car insurance will provide even if you hit an animal like a deer. The population of deer is on a rise in the United States, it is wise to be covered with collision insurance. In some states, you don’t even need to file a police report to claim insurance. – CarInsurance

car hit

11) You are more likely to hit a deer with your car in West Virginia than any other state. The chances are 1 in 38. – StateFarm

12) Car-mounted deer whistles are not as effective as you may think. There is no evidence that they work. – StateFarm


These are fun and interesting facts about auto insurance in the United States. I know that not all of the points are about insurance, but nonetheless, they are indirectly linked to auto insurance. The more you know about auto insurance, the less you are likely to make a trivial mistake while on the road.