Five For Friday: Figures the weather is great during the week but going to be soggy on the weekend!

It has been a long week. I went out of town on Wednesday night and made a rookie mistake in forgetting to set up a post for Thursday.  Then thinking I could access it from my phone, I tried and remembered that my WordPress hardening tactics worked well as I was not able to access behind the scenes here!  So as frustrating as that was I had a good night golfing afterward.

I was not able to read too many sites this week as I was working hard to complete an audit before I went out of town.  But the few that caught my eye are listed below:

Our Journey – The Disaster That Was March 2012 By Jason at Work Save Live  

What is whole life insurance? By Sean at One Smart Dollar

The Buffet Rule: Doest it make sense? By Shilpan at Street Smart Finance

Before Retirement, Eliminate Your Biggest Expense By MyMoneyDesign

Why I Decided to Do an MBA By Dannielle at Odd Cents

I hope your weekend won’t be as wet as it is predicted here.  Maybe *fingers crossed* by saying this it will not rain!  I will see you Monday bright and early!  Oh yah and make sure you come back….ya hear!

16 thoughts on “Five For Friday: Figures the weather is great during the week but going to be soggy on the weekend!

  1. Oh my god I hate audits so much. We have them almost every quarter at my company and I have a lot to do… My next audits are due April 30th (which I haven’t started yet) aghhh…

    Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. @ Shopping to Saving – haha I do to! They are not fun and mainly only serve to aggravate you when you dig down into the financials to see what is exactly in them. I am starting on our hospital cost report now which is due end of May 2012 to Medicare. If you are bored look up CMS 2552-10 and see how indepth that baby is!!

  2. Thanks for the link to Danielle’s article. Even though most of my readers are supportive, I feel the need to justify an MBA, or at least look for other pf savvy folks who also have a graduate degree and did not think it was the worst decision of their life. 😉

    1. @ Well Heeled – Thanks for stopping by!! I agree sometimes, I ask why did I get a graduate degree and so many other pf bloggers are in similar shoes to me so it makes me feel better about the situation! The roundups on other sites are how I find out about other great sites out there. I love stumbling across a new site to follow!!! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Don’t worry too much about not maintaining an exact posting schedule Chris. We’ll all come back regardless if you miss a day here or there. It sounds like you had a good trip out of town though. Do you golf pretty regularly? I hope your weekend isn’t too wet.

    1. @ Jeremy – I golf every week during the summer it is relaxing and we play a few dollar skins so it is something fun to do. It gives us something to talk about on friday too as I golf with some guys from work.

  4. I need to learn how to golf. It’s something I have been meaning to do since freshman year of college, and have not accomplished yet. I’m happy I went for my graduate degree. I think Bachelor’s are now commodities. Everyone has a BS or BA.

    1. @ Savvy – now that you mention it, it does seem as though everyone has a bachelors. Golf is great and very relaxing….as long as you do not take yourself too serious. If you think you are going to make every putt then you are in for a rude awakening because even those foot long putts are hard!

  5. Thanks for the mention Christopher. Have a great weekend and a week ahead!

    1. @ Shilpan – Thanks I hope you did as well!

  6. Thanks for the mention! I also got pretty bogged down at work and wasn’t able to do a lot of visiting other sites.

    1. @ My Money Design – it happens to all of us, don’t worry we don’t feel neglected as we know everyone has their own thing outside of blogging!

  7. Golf is always good for a bad week. Our rain came tonight and the weekend is supposed to be clear. Hope next week is better for you.

    1. @ Charlotte – Thanks it was a pretty rainy weekend up here in Central NY. Golf certainly does make a bad week great! I am going golfing this thursday and friday so hopefully it will be nice out!

    1. @ Sean – no problem I really enjoyed the post!

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