Five For Friday and a few more: Still thinking of an catchy phrase edition!

It has been a busy week here at This That and The MBA.  Things are very busy on the work front as we move to completing our cost reports.  This is the bread and butter in how the hospital gets paid.  Without these babies nobody knows our expenses or any statistics. 

Here we were blessed and received a page rank of 2.  Thank you big G.

Here are the articles that caught my attention this week:

Daisy at Add Vodka with How running a blog is like running a business

Michelle at Making Sense of Cents with Lifes Little Splurges

Savvy Financial Latina with Gender Roles in Business

Mikey Rox at Money Crashers with How to get a raise or promotion at work  

Kurt at My Money Counselor writes Paying Debts in Collections  

Jason at WorkSaveLive with How to Retire Comfortably: Start With the End in Mind  

Sean at One Smart Dollar with Facebook IPO Date Set for May 18  

John at Married with Debt posts about his debt payoff progress.

Stephen at Saving From Scratch with How I paid off my student debt!  

As a random side note, my grass is growing like crazy I have been mowing it twice a week for the past few weeks.

Until Monday, keep it random and keep it safe and enjoy your weekend!


16 thoughts on “Five For Friday and a few more: Still thinking of an catchy phrase edition!

  1. Thanks for sharing my link, Christopher! I’m working on the GMAT these days. Would love to get some MBA tips when the time comes!

    1. @ Stephen – anytime, drop me a line if you have any questions I would be glad to help. Great article. I live your sites name! I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. Twice a week is crazy! Although, it is refreshing to have all that new life after the winter. Do you have a ride-on mower at least?

    1. @ GB – No we live on a city lot so the grass is rather small but it is still a pain to mow. Get grass all over you once you weedwack too. It was a mild winter here in NY so it is refreshing but we had some days in March warmer than it is now.

  3. Appreciate the mention, and good luck with the cost reports. Hope you get some relaxation time over the weekend.

    1. @ Kurt – thanks. I hope to relax soon too…really soon.

  4. Great links and happy Friday to you! I actually love mowing the lawn…. I just mowed it for the first time last week, in my entire life! It was a great workout.

    1. @ Shopping to Saving – haha it is because you have only done it once…wait till you are going out there a few times a week… If you still like it are you anywhere near NY that you could come cut mine?

  5. lol funny that you kept the five for friday name with 8 links. I agree that every 2 weeks is crazy frequent to mow your lawn. I’m too lazy to mow a lawn so often. Then again, it’s probably a nice break from the excel work at the hospital and the blog work at home.

    1. @ Jeremy – It is nice when you see it all edged up but then it is only like that for a day or so and gone. Haha I am still working on a name for Five For Friday and a few more will be the title for a bit till I can get my creative juices flowing.

  6. Twice a week would not be fun. Thankfully I’m only once a week, but I did switch to a reel mower recently. Thanks for the mention!

    1. @ John – it is not fun at all. I just mowed it Friday night and was out there again mowing it tonite and it was still pretty long.

    1. @ Savvy – 🙂 no problem!!

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