Your First Steps as a Homeowner — Prepare for More Than Your Mortgage!

As you begin researching home ownership, you’ll first learn about mortgages and your responsibility to make payments on time every month. But this is only one of the ways that home ownership will change your life. From taxes to routine maintenance and insurance considerations, purchasing a home is a huge decision that will introduce more responsibilities than you may realize. With a little initiative, however, you can embrace these new duties and find success as you take the first steps toward owning a new home.

One of the first things you’ll need to consider is how you’ll care for your home moving forward. There is a range of maintenance tasks you’ll be responsible for, such as cleaning and repairing appliances seasonally and monitoring major systems, such as your circuit breakers and pipes. You’ll also need to account for new expenses, such as annual tax charges and homeowners’ association fees. Finally, take a closer look at your insurance policy — or, if you don’t have one yet, learn about the special rates you can access as a homeowner.

Whether you secure a term or whole policy, you need to make sure your insurance has a large enough benefit to cover your mortgage. You may also consider a decreasing term policy, which means your premiums and benefits will decrease as your mortgage does. This is a practical option for homeowners, as it provides the exact amount of coverage you need for your monthly home payments. Though owning a home introduces lots of responsibilities, you can manage them! Account for all of these duties to safeguard your new investment moving forward.