Finding motivation to achieve finance goals is imperative

A thought is not action. But a thought can lead to action! Thoughts are so powerful that they can manifest your goals and desires by eventually turning you towards action. Though easier said than done, finding financial motivation to achieve finance goals is a task that takes up a lot of energy. Though the motivational talk for finances can go on endless, here are few motivating tips that can help you move towards better results:

Have a goal list – The most important and the foremost step towards financial motivation is goal setting. You need to list down your most imperative and the not-so-pressing goals, all in a written form for regular reference. If you do not have a list of your goals handy, you will always have varying vague ideas about what you want to achieve financially.

Set your goal right – One may wonder how a goal can be a right or wrong goal. But setting a vague, open ended goal is doomed to be a ‘goal disaster’. Your finance goals need to be specific and fixed. For example, you cannot have a goal that says ‘I will own a good car in the future’. In order to see success, your goal needs to be specific. Like ‘I will own a Mercedes A-Class by the end of year 2012’. Specific finance goals lead to a better finance experience and are a great financial motivation.

The ‘Why’ of your goals – The ‘why’s of your finance goals are the most important towards financial motivation. If you are not clear with your ‘why’, your ‘how’ and ‘when’ will never materialize. If you have a clear ‘why’ for your finance dream, it is easier to stay motivated and to take appropriate action. ‘I want to earn $25000 dollars so that I can tour Asia’ is a concrete why for achieving the goal of earning $25000!

Your goals are not yours alone! – Do not keep your finance goals to yourself. Involve family members and friends and let them know about your financial goals. Your finance experience will be more rewarding if there is someone to keep a regular check on whether you are actually on your way to fulfilling your financial goals. Being accountable to others makes you work harder towards your goal and makes you want to achieve them even more. The friends and the family can be a good motivator to keep going, even when your personal motivation is on an all time low.

See your goals materialize – It is necessary to keep your goals put up in a physical form at places where you can keep seeing them all the time. You could write down your financial goals in bold and put them on your wall, your desk or on your computer. Getting a visual print of the goal and always keeping it in sight is one of the best ways to always stay motivated.

There could be many more financial motivation tips that can take you a long way. But it is imperative to keep a track of your progress or the lack of it. Many or some of these motivational tips may work for you. Maybe some others might not. But considering each with an attempt to implement it is the only way to find out if they work for you!