Finding Balance in Spending Money on Things You Enjoy

Finding Balance in Spending Money on Things You Enjoy

Finding Balance in Spending Money on Things You Enjoy

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” As the saying goes, living a life that’s filled with nothing more than the daily grind of working and paying bills can be a sad and rather boring way to live. It’s important to do things that you enjoy. Spending money on shopping trips, travel, home entertainment, and dining out are all common for those who like to have a good time. Though there’s certainly nothing wrong with enjoying your everyday life, it’s important to remember that mismanaging your money can lead to more stressful days than happy ones.

Finding Balance

The key to not falling into debt while paying for things that you enjoy is to find some balance. By being responsible with your entertainment spending you can not only have fun living life but not be stressed out and in debt in the process. Below are a few ways to afford the things you enjoy without spending all your money:

Home Entertainment Services

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have things like an internet, phone, or television package. When you’re not at work kicking back and watching your favorite television show or movie can be the best way to unwind. What many consumers don’t realize, however, is that  trendy entertainment services such as these can cost you hundreds of dollars each month.

Balance: You don’t have to give up watching your favorite sports or reality tv shows on the weekends. Look for more affordable options to your current cable package. Satellite TV, for instance, is said to be a lot more affordable. DIRECTV bundles for you and your family might be a more affordable option for enjoying good entertainment at home.

Eating Out

There’s nothing like a great meal to satisfy you. Eating out is a convenient and favorite pastime for everyone. From eating at fast food spots to five-star restaurants, it’s a lot of fun trying new things and satisfying those taste buds. However, the average person spends more than $2,000 a year eating out.

Balance: Instead of eating out every day, try to reduce it to a few times a month. In the meantime, get creative with recipes and start experimenting with your meals at home. Cooking fresh ingredients and making masterpieces is not only a fun way to be entertained, but a healthier way to eat – which is always a plus.


There’s an entire world out there for you to explore. Road trips, family vacations, weekend getaways, and trips with your friends are all ways to experience the world around you. Whether you travel locally, to another state, or internationally, there’s something about seeing new things and partaking in the culture that makes life worth living.  If you’ve ever planned a trip before, you know that the costs can reach the thousands quickly.

Balance: You don’t have to sit at home and watch the travel channel, but you need to find balance. Book in advance, travel in groups, ask about discounts, and explore affordable activities and attractions. This will allow you to travel without spending thousands of dollars on every trip.

Shopping and Other Fun Activities

Heading to the mall, going to happy hour after work, and even catching a movie with your significant other are all fun activities that you should be able to enjoy from time to time. However, as the theme of this post has been, too much of anything can cost you big time.

Balance: Signing up for coupons sites like Groupon or Living Social would allow you to find fun activities to participate in at a discounted rate. You can find anything from bungee jumping to skating and bowling at reasonably low rates.

Finding balance may take some time. It will also require discipline and budgeting to stay on track. The key to enjoying life is to find balance. While you don’t want to just work to pay bills, you also don’t want to spend so much of your money enjoying yourself, that you neglect your responsibilities. Each of these ideas above will help you to find some balance in your spending habits so that you can do what you want while still taking care of business.