Feed Your Mind Right: What You Listen To, Read and Watch Matters + MORE

Feed Your Mind Right: What You Listen To, Read and Watch Matters + MORE

Make the Most of Your Tablet This WeekendTablets may be the future of computing, but a lot of us are still figuring out how they really fit into our lives. If you’d like to use your tablet for more than the occasional magazine, here are some clever ways you can put it to good use.Read more…    

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Advice for Life

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Advice for Life
11 Other Uses for Salt

We never have everything we need around the house, so it is always good to have tools and products that have multiple uses…

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How to Kick Fear in the Face

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How to Kick Fear in the Face“Follow your dreams.” “Live for today.” “Remember that life is short.” “Be kind.” “Be confident.” “Go for it.”

We all know wisdom when we see it. Really, if you think about it, you know what you have to do.

But still, you don’t do it…

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Do you feel gambling is taking over your life? Are you facing trouble quitting it? If yes, then you may have become addicted to the habit. Here are a few signs that are commonly found in compulsive gamblers: 1: Inability to Stop Gambling There are people who gamble for fun and know their limits. They […

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Feed Your Mind Right: What You Listen To, Read and Watch MattersMost of us totally disregard what our mind does for us every day. Scientifically, the mind is responsible for all of the actions that we do and the emotions that we are feeling every day. In the context of what the mind does and can do for us, it may be right to think about what we do every day to and for our minds…

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Nothing is impossible

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Nothing is impossible
The post Nothing is impossible appeared first on Motivational quotes and posters.

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20 Questions to Know Yourself Better and Unlock the Immense Potential Within

“Know Thyself”

All of us have heard this aphorism. Most of us acknowledge that unless you know yourself first, you really can’t achieve much in life. We also realize that we each have immense potential to create amazing things and find lasting happiness.

And yet….

Most of us don’t even scratch the surface of knowing who we really are, let alone figuring out what we have the potential to become…

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