FBR's Thompson, Bloomberg's Butler Discuss Blackberry (Audio) + MORE

FBR's Thompson, Bloomberg's Butler Discuss Blackberry (Audio) + MORE

Bonnie, it sounds like the stocks are getting transferred over to USAA. Is that correct? (Or did you decide to have her sell if for cash?)Do you want to keep the stock or sell it?If you sell it, do you want the money to stay at USAA or would you prefer it to be at Vanguard? When you decide that, a suggestion can be made about how to invest it…

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History is a good indicator that the index will continue to climb.    

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Invest In This Industry Titan's RevivalWhen I was growing up in Pittsburgh, nearly everyone had some connection to the steel industry. If not your own parents, then it was your uncle or neighbor who was employed by the huge steel mills lining the riverbanks. Even the city's pro football team is named in homage to the once-great industry…

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TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc.’s gallium nitride (GaN) power transistors were recently selected by global microwave products manufacturer RF-Lambda to develop a new range of high power amplifiers.    

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Many gold bugs are pounding the table for investors to buy gold – now that it’s dropped to roughly $1,200 – and sell stocks.
Don’t listen to them. Not because gold won’t rally from here or stocks won’t sell off – or both. But because – unbeknownst to many of their listeners – this is what they always say…

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July 1 (Bloomberg) — Scott Thompson, communications
analyst FBR Capital Markets & Co., and John Butler, senior
telecom analyst at Bloomberg Industries, discuss shares of
Blackberry falling the most since 2001 after the company
reported a surprise loss and weak sales of a new touch-screen

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Big Banks had a busy week last week, riding the wave of a choppy market still spooked by QE3 taper worries. This week looks pretty good by mid-morning Monday, with the Dow, S&P 500, and the whole financial sector glowing green.
Things could change at any moment, of course, considering the volatility lately…

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Apple a Buy Under $400

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Remember when Samsung (SSNLF) was heralded as the iPhone slayer as its sales boomed and Google’s (GOOG) Android OS was seen as the second coming? Remember when Jeff Gundlach put a $425 target on Apple (AAPL) shares, and then pundits –  including yours truly — wondered whether Apple stock’s best days were behind it?
Well, that’s ancient history now…

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