Facebook platform industry news: Compass Labs, ShopIgniter, Marin and Syncapse + MORE

Parse announces new hosting product less than 2 weeks after Facebook acquisitionParse, the cloud-based app development platform Facebook agreed to acquire in late April, today announced its latest product: Parse Hosting.
Parse Hosting enables developers to create a web presence for their app without having to manage their own servers or turn to another third party. Previously, Parse offered ways for developers to store their mobile app’s data in the cloud but didn’t host web apps or landing pages on the web for them until now…

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Facebook platform industry news: Compass Labs, ShopIgniter, Marin and Syncapse
Compass Labs/ShopIgniter
Social marketing platform Compass Labs today announced its partnership with ShopIgniter, a platform for creating rich media social posts. Through this partnership, brands can now develop rich media campaigns through ShopIgniter and promote them with paid media through Compass Labs’ CLIQ Ads Manager and with the insights gained from the CLIQ Social Intelligence platform…

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ATD: Yahoo has met with Hulu to hold early discussions about a possible acquisitonAccording to sources speaking to All Things D’s Kara Swisher and Peter Kafka, Yahoo has met with Hulu to hold early talks about a potential sale of the online video giant.
The timing of the talks is not a surprise; Yahoo’s attempts to purchase the French video portal Dailymotion were scuttled by the government of that country…

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Facebook Expands FBX Test for Desktop News Feed Ads
In March, Facebook launched a small alpha test that introduced Facebook Exchange (FBX) ads in the News Feed. It appears that test was a success as the company just announced the expansion of the beta.
Launched last fall, FBX is a way for businesses to show ads to people on the social network based on their online browsing interests…

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LinkedIn, now at 225 million users, continues to introduce more features to its site to keep people returning to the it and staying there for longer. Today it’s the turn of LinkedIn Today, its social news page, which is getting a new feature called Channels. The feature is rolling out starting today to English-speaking users…

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Curate And Embed Twitter Lists On Your Website With This ToolIf you were SUPER sad (as we were) to learn that Listorious no longer exists, you’ll be happy to learn of another Twitter list tool, TwitChimp.
It’s an interesting little slice of technology that allows users to find targeted followers – and although it isn’t free (beyond a certain threshold), it does provide some additional options that we think you’ll appreciate…

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WhatsApp Roars Through April, With Huge Downloading Success
WhatsApp Messenger dominated both major app stores in the number of downloads in April, according to data from Distimo.
Made in Mountain View, California, WhatsApp Messager offers a cross-platform text messaging that does not rely on SMS technology, thus saving users money in their bills from carriers…

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Play Cupid Among Facebook Friends With 'YouShouldTotallyMeet' AppWe all know some version of this story: a friend from high school meets the love of her life through her cousin’s friend’s sister’s neighbor’s first-born-child’s doctor’s brother’s son. And in this age of online social networking, it’s no surprise when those connections happen through digital platforms like Facebook…

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Facebook updates iOS Messenger with stickers, swipe-to-delete feature and redesigned contact info pageFacebook released a new version of Messenger for iOS on Monday, bringing its latest stickers feature from the main app to the standalone chat application.
Stickers are now available in Facebook for iOS, Messenger for iOS and Messenger for Android. Facebook also released a new set of stickers available for free in the “sticker store” within Messenger and the main Facebook app…

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About.me buys people directory Wefollow

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Wefollow, a directory that sorts and scores people based on their social media profiles and declared interests, has been acquired by About.me.
Wefollow was co-founded in 2009 by Kevin Rose, an About.me investor — a fact About.me co-founder Tony Conrad (pictured above) calls “perfect continuity…

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