Facebook allows page admins to sort comments chronologically or by activity + MORE

Facebook allows page admins to sort comments chronologically or by activity + MORE

Facebook rolls out photo comments

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Facebook rolls out photo comments
Facebook has begun to roll out photo comments for all users. The new feature allows users to share images as comments on posts. The feature will be made available for user to user interactions, and will soon be an option to comment on page posts, as well.
Previously, Facebook would allow users to share an image as a comment by posting a link…

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Facebook allows page admins to sort comments chronologically or by activity
Ever since Facebook first applied the reply function to comments on pages, many admins were a little frustrated that the comments weren’t in chronological order. Now it appears Facebook has given page managers the chance to choose if they want to see comments to their posts in the order they were posted, or by a Reddit-style sorting with the most popular comments on top…

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NBA Player Sells Bulldog on Twitter

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NBA Player Sells Bulldog on TwitterSay you’re a successful NBA player. Your massive Twitter following comes with many advantages: increased marketing appeal, the ability to interact with fans and a platform to break your own news on your own terms, just to name a few
Kendrick Perkins, however, just found a new and innovative way to leverage Twitter: as a secondary marketplace to shed some unwanted canine cargo…

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Game Of Thrones Dominated Social Media This Season [INFOGRAPHIC]
Logically, we know that social media is playing a more integral role in consumer TV-watching than ever before.
Realistically, it’s almost impossible to comprehend the raw numbers. Can it really be true that 40% of American smartphone and tablet users log onto a social network when tuning into the tube?
Apparently so – and HBO’s cult hit Game Of Thrones is a great case study for just how crucial a role social media plays in modern TV…

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Facebook’s latest iOS update brings structured status updates, better privacy settingsStructured status updates, previously only available on mobile web and desktop, have found their way to a Facebook native application. The latest Facebook for iOS update includes the ability to share what you’re eating, watching or reading.
Facebook also offered enhanced privacy settings, allowing users to change who sees content they’ve already posted…

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Outlook.com’s missing email bug resurfaces as users report deleted inboxes and mail gapsThe Outlook.com issue of missing emails has come back to the fore, with users taking to the official Microsoft forums in force. We last went round this specific tree when, in January, Microsoft addressed consumer complaint that users were missing emails from their Outlook.com inboxes with a fix on account renaming…

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Sprout Social Adds Feedly Cloud Support for Google Reader Refugees
Following RSS feeds has been part of the suite of features offered by Sprout Social for a long time now, but as most of you know, Google Reader will close down on July 1. That’s why we’ve partnered with an innovative, leading company — Feedly — to help you stay updated on your feeds moving forward…

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Facebook explodes PTAT, gives page owners more data — and gives marketers clues about news feed visibility

July 9-10, 2013
San Francisco, CA

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Facebook page owners have long yearned for more insight than PTAT — Facebook’s people talking about this metric — offers. Starting today, they’re getting their wish.
Facebook announced today that the statistics and numbers that make up PTAT are now going to be available, by default, in their individual elements, along with other metrics on page owners’ Insights overviews…

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In spite of the recent layoffs, Zynga is still picking up talent in strategic areas like social casino gaming.
The company bought a roughly 40-person team called Spooky Cool Labs full of real-money gaming talent. Based in Chicago, the Spooky Cool Labs team is made up of social and real money gaming veterans from companies such as Aristocrat, and slot machine makers like IGT (International Game Technology) and WMS Gaming…

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Playstation, Samsung Mobile, Intel and others among this week’s top PTAT gainers for product and service pages
Playstation is this week’s top gaining page in the People Talking About This metric for product and service pages. Highlighting its new Playstation 4 console at the Electronic Entertainment Expo last week, the page generated a large buzz from the console gaming community.
This list of top gaining product and service pages is compiled with PageData, which tracks page growth and engagement across Facebook…

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Facebook’s ad simplification continues with redesign of insights
Facebook’s push to remove redundancies and confusion from advertising took another big step Wednesday, as the company announced some changes to insights to make them easier to understand.
The company has clearly defined metrics such as people talking about this (PTAT) and virality, and made it much simpler to see how a post is performing…

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Twitter Acquires Location Filtering App SpindleTwitter has acquired the startup Spindle, whose namesake app allows users to search for Twitter content created near them.
The app, which finds locally produced content from Twitter and Facebook, will shut down, the company said. The Boston-based team of roughly 10 will move to San Francisco to work from Twitter’s headquarters…

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