Extra Steps You Can Take as a Student to Prepare Yourself for a Career

When the clock is ticking on your time in college, you might start feeling some pressure. 

You’re going to enter the job market soon, and if you’re like most college students, you feel completely unprepared.

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It’s a natural feeling because, although you may have had jobs, you’ve yet to have a career. And these are two very different things.

But there’s really no need to worry. You’re more prepared than you think, and there are some extra steps you can take as a student to help prepare yourself for a career. 

Avoid Procrastination

This tip is kind of funny because procrastination is the art of avoiding things, and to be successful in any career (and in life), it’s important to avoid procrastination. 

It’s almost a double negative, but you get the point. If you have a bad habit of procrastinating, it’s time to break that habit. 

Try time blocking to get you back on track. Use your calendar to block out every task you have to do in your day. And be sure to include things that are fun too. This isn’t about creating a boring life. It’s about planning for work and fun, so you can make both things happen. 

Commit to Learning

If you’re going to be successful in your career, education can’t end at graduation. You must commit to becoming a lifelong learner. 

You don’t necessarily need to take night classes at a community college, but you should continue reading books from thought leaders in your industry of choice. And if there are any opportunities for professional certifications, consider them. 

It’s true that you may not want to look at another book for a while after the intensity of college, but it will help you grow as a person.


As you build your resume for your first real job after college, you’ll find it helpful to have some constructive hobbies. Volunteering has benefits that will help you develop personal tools like empathy and compassion, but it can also help you land your dream job. Employers look favorably upon candidates who commit to volunteering. 

Develop Healthy Habits

As you get into your career, you’ll soon realize the importance of remaining sharp. So, if you want to avoid being passed over for your first promotion, focus on taking care of your body and mind. 

After college, many people need to make some major changes to undo the unhealthy habits we develop. Taking an alcohol detox after college may help set you on the right path. At the very least, it’ll clean your system of alcohol, so you can begin better habits.

If you’re worried about what life will be like after college, know that you’re not alone. But there’s also no need to worry. Your first years in a new career will be exciting and full of life lessons that will stay with you throughout a lifetime. And just as you did in college, if you give it your best effort, you’ll do just fine.