Everything to Know About UGears Research Vessel

Everything to Know About UGears Research Vessel


Puzzles are for kids, aren’t they? Wrong. If made the right way, several puzzles are marketed toward the adults, UGears Research Vessel being one of them. Created and manufactured by ugearsmodels.us, this 3D marine-inspired puzzle is a show stopper.

This nautical model from UGears is named the Research Vessel, all because of the fantastic and inconspicuous features that it packs in. 

Both the design and the building process of this 3D puzzle is fascinating. Meant for the marine explorers at heart, this can be assembled by anyone between the ages of 14 and 99. 

The Research Vessel is named so because it packs in every last feature that could help implement a proper investigation. It includes a bathyscaphe for deep-sea exploration. 

Much like how the Titanic was designed, even this one is equipped with every last amenity, including motorboats, lifeboats, and even a drop ramp.

What is the Build Like?

Much like all UGears models, even this one has a sturdy and perfect design. The puzzle ship itself is made with high-quality and eco-friendly wood that is designed to fit in like a latch. It doesn’t require any additional glue or tools for fixing.

The exterior structure or the skeleton of the body of the Vessel gives you a peek into the interiors, the engine room being the highlight of the same.

As for the motor of the model, that creates enough energy to drive it through, it is made from a rubber-band motor and is kept in motion with the help of a pendulum.

The rear of the body of the puzzle ship has a gear arrangement as well. This is what creates the roaring engine-like sounds when in motion.

In terms of the movement, it is developed with three specific movements, the forward, backward, and automatic one. In case you want to switch between movements, the structure has a separate lever that you can adjust manually to control it.

What are Some Other Features in the UGears Research Vessel?

Apart from the basic rundown of the build and design that we just covered, this research vessel is perfect for adults who love a challenge. 

The 3D puzzle provides the users with an interactive and immersive hands-on experience while building it. This also makes for an amazing team or family activity that many people can engage in doing.

Aside from the thrill of constructing the puzzle to its glory, this is one of those UGears Wooden Models that serve as a good centerpiece in your home. So, not only does it give you an adrenaline rush while building it, but it also helps become a part of your home’s aesthetic.

There are 575 pieces in total that you get with this 3D puzzle, some bigger ones, and some more intricate details that take some time for you to figure out. The entire kit weighs around 2.19 kgs, which is pretty less considering that it’s made with wood and consists of many smaller pieces.

The difficulty of piecing together this entire puzzle is quite hard, hence the minimum recommended age is 14 years. The model size has a dimension of 15.2 x 4.3 x 9.8 in, making it ideal for you to showcase in your living room.

Pricing and Availability

The UGears Research Vessel is available for purchase on their official website and also on Amazon.

For the kind of fun that this small piece of the intricately designed 3D puzzle brings in, it is not surprising at all that the price point is a little more than your standard puzzles.

The Research Vessel is available for around $60 on Amazon, excluding the shipping charges.