Enjoy The Ride: A Story of Traffic, Stress, and a Great Father’s Day. + MORE

Enjoy The Ride: A Story of Traffic, Stress, and a Great Father’s Day. + MORE

Enjoy The Ride: A Story of Traffic, Stress, and a Great Father’s Day.
James Taylor has a great song titled, the Secret O’ Life. The main lyric is: The secret of life is enjoying the passing of time. In my opinion, not a truer phrase has been spoken. Why does it seem to take us reaching our 40′s to figure that out? Another media reference is from the movie Along Came Polly, with Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston…

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Zillow: Long Distance

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Zillow is kicking off a new TV campaign…
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What do you think?
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House #54: Financial Analysis

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House #54:  Financial AnalysisI’ve had a few questions about the numbers for House #54 (which I posted about yesterday)…
Here is a more detailed breakdown of where we expect to be:

My agent believes we could get closer to $400,000, but I prefer to be conservative…

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Build Your Home with a 3D Printer

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Build Your Home with a 3D Printer
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By Movoto
There’s been a lot of buzz around the concept of 3D printing in recent years, and it only seems to be getting louder as more devices capable of “printing” solid objects from a computer hit the market or receive crowd funding. The intensity of discussion about them reached a crescendo recently when plans for a fully 3D-printed gun hit the Internet (and were subsequently pulled), and now we’re even hearing about new plans to build entire houses using the machines…

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The Return of the 10 Percent Down PaymentRemember the 10 percent down payment on a house? After virtually disappearing for years, it’s back.
Around the country, some lenders are offering 90 percent financing again on all loan types. For example, San Francisco-based RPM Mortgage resumed offering “piggyback” loans in the first quarter of 2013 after discontinuing them during the height of the credit crisis in late 2007, according to Vice President Julian Hebron…

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Tom Hanks Lists 'Legendary Villa' in Pacific PalisadesFiled under: Celebrity Homes
By Erika Riggs

At first glance, the Pacific Palisades home is classic — a comfortable mansion appropriately priced for the area, but it doesn’t look like the home belonging to an actor like Tom Hanks.

That’s because the home at 956 Corsica Drive in Pacific Palisades, Calif…

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