Employees Who Use Multiple Social Networks May Be Better Workers + MORE

10 Simple Ways to Build Self Confidence

We live in a world where criticizing people and focusing on negative attributes seems to be the social norm.

It’s an unfortunate aspect of life and many people well into adulthood still struggle with their own self confidence. It’s also unfortunate that these same people may be missing out in life because they don’t believe in themselves, or they don’t believe that they deserve the good things in life…

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3 Reasons Why Yoga Should Be A (Legal) Performance Enhancing DrugThis is a guest post by Ashley Josephine.
I never knew that it would get this bad but I can’t say I regret it.
No matter the ailment, I’ll always prescribe yoga. Because it works. Every time. For everything.
It’s like slivovitz, the Eastern European plum brandy cure-all my great-grandmother used before bed for “pain relief…

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How to Be More Outgoing and Get in a Talkative MoodIt’s not easy to get in a talkative mood “on demand”. When you’re in that social state, you can talk, joke around, be friendly, and maybe even charming. But when you’re “in your head”, it seems that there is no way out.
Wouldn’t it be great if you had an on/off switch that instantly gets you in a talkative mood? I would have loved to have one: think about it… you can be in your head and think as deeply as you want, and when it’s time to socialize, you’d just push a button, get out of your head and start talking to people and having fun…

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Start Your Day With A Laugh – Maybe Two

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Start Your Day With A Laugh – Maybe TwoBy Don Cole –
I went to work the other day with the usual dread of how the day would progress. It seems that as this world tries to keep up competition on all sides, we as people seldom have time to enjoy life even if that is one of the reasons we work. As I entered the office where my day would begin I noticed someone had copied a cartoon and set it on the counter for everyone to get a copy…

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Employees Who Use Multiple Social Networks May Be Better Workers Conventional wisdom typically tells us that when employees are on the job, they should stay away from distractions like Facebook. However, a new study from analytics company Evolv suggests that the more sites an employee uses, the better their job performance might be. More »

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5 Ways to Increase Your IntelligenceWhen I was a kid, we had one of those “Simon Says” games where you held this little black box with four different colors.They would light up in sequences, progressively getting faster and faster.The goal was to tap the colors in the exact same sequence, a game of memory-testing.I would play that game for hours until I mastered it…

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