How Education Through Drawing Leads can Fuel Success



Mechanical pencils have been a universal preference by visual artists, writers and drafters who have chosen to make the switch from the standard wooden pencils. The advantages and features one gets from lead pencils are almost limitless and the best thing is that they make drawing a breeze if compared to their counterparts, the traditional pencils. Surprisingly enough, they still haven’t taken control of the world yet considering the fact that they have been around for a long time now. Actually, they originated in the 19th century in Britain. Now, the mechanical pencils originated in Europe but it was not until Japan spearheaded the advancement in the recent years to come up with much more modern thin lead pencils we use today.

The mechanical pencil basically works using the pencil leads placed in the chamber. Once the leads are inside the chamber, they are pushed to the surface through the shaft using a spin function. Depending on what mechanical pencil you use, the lead can automatically advance by spinning the tip or clicking a button usually located at the top of the lead pencil. Due to its ease of use, mechanical pencil make drawing a lot more easier and more importantly than that, the variance in fine leads sizes make the outcomes even more desirable. Below are some reasons why using lead pencils could be your way to success.

Super clean consistent lines

For a professional drawer, it is very important that all the lines are very consistent as well as clear. Nobody wants to look at blunt looking sketches really. Some of the most common lead pencil sizes go from diameters of 0.5mm to 2mm. This means that the availability of such small sizes, precise and profound lines that are thick enough to be seen and read on paper can be produced.

Not wasting time sharpening pencils

When dealing with lead pencils, one never has to sharpen their pencils ever again. Having to deal with pencils that get blunt every now and then can be quite tedious especially for people who have to draw during the better parts of their days. The best part about lead pencils is the fact that the lead is normally so thin the sharpness is always fine and this put together with the graphite pumping action, it stays that way throughout its use.

Excellent features

There is a wide and great variety of mechanical pencils that could match any wielders needs and they all come with different amazing features. To start with, the range of different lead sizes begins from 0.2mm going up to 5.6mm in diameter. This means that professional have the opportunity to choose what works best for them depending on their preferences or writing styles. In addition to the range in sizes, some mechanical pencils also come with features like auto advance lead, where the lead come out very slowly without clicking sounds. The leads are usually cushioned in order to minimize bounce making the drawings a lot more relaxed, giving the drawer comfortable grips and they also come with handy erasers just in case there are any mistakes.

Eco friendly

Apart from being full of abundant features, mechanical pencils are made of artificial materials and one only needs to purchase one pencil. There is no use of wood because once the lead is over, all you have to do is refill.

Now leads and mechanical pencils may be a boring task for the occasional entrepreneur, a field that raises no questions, that presents no interest yet little contemporary artists are a surprise and numerous big brands have successfully reported great results with the immense influence of contemporary artists.

They’re called brand influencers or trend setters today and they can swirl the whirl around with a tweet and at the same time beautify it with a sketch, they`re impressing to say the least and they can pave your brand`s way to success with simple cool drawings in a matter of seconds, all they need is a mechanical pencil and a camera to post it online.

What do you think? How do you see the online art environment today and where is your brand positioned in this world?