Easy Debt Relief With United Debt Counselors Services

Easy Debt Relief With United Debt Counselors Services

Debt relief is available to more and more Americans now, thanks to unique businesses like United Debt Counselors (sometimes “UDC”). Founded by entrepreneur David Melrose, this debt settlement company provides customized financial help to people around the country.

What Kind of Debt Relief Does UDC Provide?

People suffering from high levels of credit card debt generally pay back the money that they have been lent many times over. With high interest rates, you may end up paying several times the full value of the original debt before you pay it off completely. If you are making minimum payments every month, you may carry the burden of these debts for decades.

David Melrose, founder of United Debt Counselors, knows exactly how difficult this can be for his customers, especially those with families. He grew up in just such circumstances, with his mother always struggling to pay off credit cards that had to be used to support him.

David grew up and figured out that there was another way for people in debt to overcome these situations.

United Debt Counselors represents its customers and interacts with credit card companies on their behalf. Using knowledge gained from years of experience, personal knowledge and David Melrose special knack for this type of business, representatives negotiate with credit card companies to lower the total amount owed and alter the repayment schedule.

Their techniques are especially effective when customers put all of their unsecured debt into the hands of their representatives. One by one, clients can eliminate their debts and do so by usually paying much less than they would by any other means.

This works because credit card companies have often already received more than what they have loaned out. With proper assistance, you can get out of debt faster and less expensively while avoiding bankruptcy and perpetual harassment in the mail and over the phone.

Why Should I Choose United Debt Counselors?

If you look around, you will see that there are many competitors in the debt relief business. United Debt Counselors is one of the best because David Melrose is more than just a clever businessman. He grew up with this debt problems as part of his life. He knows what it is like to be hounded by debt and he is on your side.

Furthermore, David Melrose has employed excellent employees to help him expand his debt relief services to even more people. Corinne Ann Maples is his senior vice president. She has made the company’s core purpose state: Score one for the average Joe!

Like her boss, Corinne knows that debt is a big problem for numerous people and not something that should be ignored. With this upfront approach, she has found ways to increase the number of people contracting for their unique debt services.

If you are tired of paying out large amounts of money each month just to service debt, you should look up United Debt Counselors. Let these experts assist with your debt problems. It is their goal to have you debt free faster than you thought possible.