Is Your Dream Profession in Demand?

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We all have set goals in life from a very young age. And depending on the seeming practicability of those goals, we keep them or we shed them like skin as we grow older. Ask any six year old around you what they wish to be when they grow and they’ll confidently proclaim that they’ll be either a doctor, astronaut, fireman, actor or princess when they grow up. Of course, over the years they’ll realize that only four out of the five are valid career choices these days, three of them are practically achievable and only three out of five actually pay well. It’s these realizations that morph our dream professions.

But the touch of wonderment in the idea of dream professions is never truly lost for most people even though our goals are revised and revisited.

However, before pursuing your dream job you must ask yourself whether it will actually be good for you. In this current job market, unemployment is rampant and one bad decision can prove to be grave indeed. The competition is extreme and before you start out in pursuit you must cover all the bases to make sure that the profession you want to be in isn’t devoid of opportunities.

The most important question to ask would be – is your dream profession in demand? You can look for the answer by finding out whether or not said professionals have any desirability. Start looking for best companies to work for in New York City. Look at the employment rates, pay rates and number of positions available. If there is little or no demand, it’s probably a good idea to abandon that particular dream as it will only prove to be disastrous for you. It’s not always possible to determine all these things alone. If you remain confused after conducting your own research, you should turn to an employment expert for the correct answers to help you make up your mind.

But it’s important to remember that just because a job is not in demand now, it will always be that way. The market goes through drastic changes from time to time depending on various factors like the state of the economy, international relations and political stability or its lack thereof. So while we’ll always advice you to exercise caution, it’s essential that the profession you pick with gives you personal satisfaction as well.

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  1. Derek @ MoneyAhoy

    My advice to most kids going into college is to try and focus on STEM or healthcare. It seems like there is nearly ALWAYS a shortage of jobs in these arenas.

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