Did I hear you right; you want to buy my site?

For Sale Sign, this that and the mba, mbaThat’s right I would like to buy your site.  Last night as I was doing my usual musings I received an email soliciting to buy my site.  Of course, I responded to hear them out, but as I sent off the response I sat there imagining myself a lottery millionaire.

The longer I sat there the greater the manifestations in my head.  Then it hit me back to reality, how are they going to value my site?  I began to think of a way on how to value my site.  There were a few ways that popped into my head.

I did some aggressive Google searching looking for ways to value a website.  I got everything from a few months worth of income to a few years worth of income.  What if your site isn’t monetizing, how can you put a price on that?

The offer came back as $1,000 and I sat there and said yeah rightttttt.  I have way more hours in working on the site that it is worth.  Plus I love interacting with you..yes you…so leave a comment to let me know you are reading…  I know some of you may think that is a high offer to take it and run, but it has taken a lot of time and legwork to get the site off the ground.  It just wasn’t worth it to me, so I happily rejected the offer.

I appreciated the offer and the manifestations in my head that made me think of millions.  I know some sites have sold for large sums of money and the original authors continued to post.

Have you gotten any offers for your site?  How do you put a price on your baby?

49 thoughts on “Did I hear you right; you want to buy my site?

  1. I’m still new to this web monetization thing, so valuing a website is new to me. But i always wonder if those offers are real.

    1. @ Lorilla – it was a little back and forth, if it was a bot doing it, they were pretty well versed in english and sentence structure!! lol I know I agree sometimes I wonder if someone is just messing with you!! It made for a good post though with all these comments…it let me know that I have readers too!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I wouldn’t sell my site for $1,000. I put a lot of work into my site and I enjoy blogging.

    1. @ Michelle – is there a value that you would consider selling at? Or is it more personal and you just like venting your ideas on that there really is no idea of ever selling? You think we will still be doing this when we are in our 60’s or will they just be dormant domains?? lol

    2. I agree with Michelle. For $1000? No thanks. That doesn’t come near to valuing all my hard work and for $1000 I’m not sure I’d want to ditch all my readers and what I enjoy so much! For $50K though, I’d probably sell. I’d sell for $25K too…. but below that… I’m not sure where my cutoff is. Interesting question. Definitely not $1000 though, so good choice on not doing that.

      1. @ TB – Don’t sell I enjoy your stories considering I used to do similar work, it needs to be written by a blue collar worker! Enjoy your weekend!

    3. I’m not sure what number I’d put on it.

      However, I am a valuation analyst, and I value companies everyday, ALL day. So I do realize that people have an emotional factor when it comes to their “business.”

      1. @ Michelle – a high number….right….right!!! You hit the nail on the head the emotional factor.

  3. You’ve built a good site that is way more valuable than that, hold out for much more! Besides, it’s difficult to give up something you’ve worked hard at to just anybody, and if you love working on your site, you should continue 🙂

    1. @ Monica – Thanks for the comment!!!! I love working on the site, I find it very relaxing and rewarding. And apparently I am reaching people because everyday I check the site visits and they are increasing!! And no it is not me just going in and out!! lol!!! Enjoy your weekend!!!!

  4. I think you took the right decision. Your site is just a few moths and about 100 articles old. Still it has made phenomenal success. I would suggest you to reach your full potential. First you got to know till where you can take this site

    1. @ Karuensh – the great thing about this whole thing is that someone perceives some value to my writing. Somedays they may see it as rambling, but it might be worth something. It is cool that it was created from a little idea in my head and a lot of research and hard work!

  5. Yeah I don’t think anyone would really offer much more than that for a blog this new. Selling a site you’ve put a lot of work into can be tough. You almost always value it more than the person trying to buy it. When I’ve had offers to buy any of my sites, it was usually the typical past 12 months of income. It always came back to it being more profitable to just keep it myself and make money for years to come. Still, it is a bit flattering when someone does express interest in buying your site.

    1. @ Jeremy – Exactly!! The value that I perceived and what they felt was much different!! Plus you can’t sell your kids! Maybe once the million dollar offers come I will entertain it then!!

      1. I’d sell my ‘kid’ for a lot less than a million. Then again that’s only because I don’t have a job right now. In the long run, you’ll be glad you didn’t sell, especially since you seem to really enjoy blogging.

        1. @ Jeremy – I wouldn’t have had a chance to interact with you if I sold out and took my money and ran! 🙂

  6. $1,000?!? Your domain name alone is worth more than that! A business’ value depends on a buyer’s estimates of future cash flow, and estimates usually start with current cash flow, then add in perceived opportunities for growth. Like any new business, your cash flow is not yet established, you’re still developing your ‘customers’ and market. Keep doing quality work and your business’ value will grow!

    1. @ Kurt – Thanks for the words of encouragement, how fitting too your site is my money counselor!! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. No amount of money would be worth selling a site that you’ve given birth to and nurtured for countless hours, days, weeks, and years. The only price tag is the love and tenderness that you put into it. The blood, sweat, and tears is worth more than just $1000 (although, $1000 is not a bad offer for a site that is still relatively young).

    1. @ Anthony – Right on man! All those sleepless nights sitting there thinking of the layout of the site, dreaming of how I want it to look! Thinking of the next post, which I called my wife into the bathroom to take notes this morning as I was showering. I had her text me the ideas for my next post!

  8. That’s pretty awesome you received an offer – regardless of the amount!

    I haven’t been contacted at all. I wouldn’t even mind somebody offering just to boost my ego! lol.

    I enjoy blogging though and I don’t think I’ll be selling my site anytime in the near future.

    1. @ Jason – It was a huge boost to the ego. What is even more flattering is all the comments that I receive on my posts daily! Really if it weren’t for you guys I would have nothing. A $50 dollar offer would have been all I would have gotten!

  9. That’s awesome! A little reward (even though you said no) to the hard work you put into the site. Keep it up.

  10. I’m not sure where I stand, though it is rather flattering to get an offer! I have learned a lot just in a few months about blogging, so if someone were to offer me money, I might just do it, and use that $1000 (or, more likely, my sell-point is somewhere around $2500) and start up some other blog.

    1. @ Frugal Portland – Have you ever sold a site before? Are there non compete clauses or anything? You have a business mindset, if there were no clauses or anything and I still had the framework, I might take your route as well. I believe you have to spend money to make money sometimes!

  11. I would have couteroffered $3k. Then settled on $2k. SOLD! Sell this site and start up a new one haha!

    1. @ Shortroadto – I wonder what even goes into selling a site though, are there non compete clauses like I couldnt start up a new one? All new turf for me!

  12. I’d probably turn the offer down also. It would be flattering to get the offer, but it takes so much work to get a blog to be the way you want it. I doubt the time you have spent on this site is worth $1,000.

    1. @ Katie – What value would you start thinking about selling at? 5k, 10k? Million? I have a little extra swagger in my step now!

    1. @ Mymoneydesign – I just checked and it is $7,538. Thanks for the site, I had never been there!!

  13. I’d totally be flattered to have an offer, but I think you made the right decision. Please let us know where you’ll be blogging next when you sell for $100,000 🙂

    1. @ Kari – yea I hear you, my head can barely fit through the door!

  14. Congratulation! I believe I may have started my site around the same time, and if I received an offer like that, I would’ve done the same. On a per hour basis, $1000 comes out to $1 an hour…lol

    1. @ I am 1 Percemt – Thanks, I know all the time I invested it wasn’t for me. I started I think Feb 9th, it is foggy, it does seem like I have been at it for longer than that!

  15. I think putting a dollar value on a website is challenging. I would definitely take this question to the good blogger friends at Yakezie. Many will have faced the same issue.

    1. @ Thad P – Did you check out that website that My Money Design put in his comment? Interesting that the site value is around $7538 I still don’t think I would sell because I don’t have any other ideas for sites at the moment!

  16. Haha–no way! But it was very interesting to read what you were offered.

    1. @ Amanda- What price would you consider selling at? Would you even sell?

      1. Wow…good question. I think it would have to be six figures. I could start a new blog and build it up….

        Then again, it is my baby! I AM Frugal Confessions.

        1. @ Amanda – Exactly my site is me now! Myself and the brand are one in the same!

  17. It would take a LOT of money for me to sell WLGYL – probably more $$ than it’s worth to other people. It’s my baby. I’ve busted my butt to make that blog what it is now, and I just couldn’t fathom..I’m glad you didn’t sell it 🙂

    1. @ Daisy – I completely agree. While flattering, I had no intention of selling!!!

  18. Christopher, If you sell this site for $1000 then buyer is getting a great deal. Imagine what it takes to — brainstorm domain name and then build the site up to this level even if you hire professional writers from odesk right from the beginning. It costs more than 1K for sure.

    1. @ Shilpan – thank you for the kind words. I really have put a lot into this site since I have gotten it off the ground and a lot of time before from conception! I hope you enjoy what I post and continue to come back!

  19. I don’t blame you for turning it down, but for the short term, a couple months worth of work for $1k isn’t that bad of an offer when you are starting out. I would have been tempted to sell my site when it was 2-3 months old for that amount. I would have just started over with the knowledge that I had and $1k in my pocket. I think it will be hard to get 3-4x that amount after 1 year. I wouldn’t sell for that now, but just saying…

    1. @ 20’s Finance – Thanks I was tempted but quickly extinguished it knowing that it is worth more to me than others. Your site is rocking now I wouldn’t sell either!! Plus I got a new logo now, I’m movvvvving on up!!!

  20. Interesting… I was just thinking about this topic tonight. I had an email from a private investor offering me a price for my site. Personally, I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to give in. I know I could monazite it more with adsense, etc. and my advertising dollars, while selective, are OK. Who knows… to the right buyer, perhaps someday.

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