DGI Crosses Above 15% Yield Territory + MORE

DGI Crosses Above 15% Yield Territory + MORE

A large percentage of the population invest their money in safe, guaranteed investments to protect their life savings from the uncertainty of the stock market. What they don’t realize is that these “secured” savings are slowly losing value from inflation without them even knowing it…

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DGI Crosses Above 15% Yield Territory

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In trading on Tuesday, shares of Data Group Inc (Toronto: DGI) were yielding above the 15% mark based on its monthly dividend (annualized to $0.30), with the stock changing hands as low as $1.99 on the day. Dividends are particularly important for investors to consider, because historically speaking dividends have provided a considerable share of the stock market’s total return.

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Interested in high yield dividend stocks with institutional backing? With that in mind we ran a screen and then narrowed those results down to find the four stars with more profitability than industry average. We started our screen by looking for high yield dividend stocks (3-8%) with a market cap above $300M for stability…

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Why Share Buybacks And Repurchase Plans Aren’t Always Great IdeasStock share buybacks or share repurchase plans have become all the rage on Wall Street lately with the stock market’s excellent run so far this year. In fact, in the first quarter of 2013, companies in the United States have bought back over $105 billion worth of their stock. This has edged out the payment of dividends which only accounted for a little over $70 billion in January through March of this year…

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New Trade: Long Dice Holdings ($DHX) & Short Monster Worldwide ($MWW)I usually open new trades on Monday’s but lacked time to do the research last weekend but here I am today. Before getting started, I’m going to close 2 existing trades with one being a winner and the other a losing trade. Overall, the return of my tech stock picks has improved in the last few months but it’s always volatile so for now I’ll wait and see how things end up going…

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Visit StreetInsider.com at http://www.streetinsider.com/Dividends/Facebook+%28FB%29+Says+Focused+on+Investing+vs.+Dividends/8406854.html for the full story.

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One of the questions I received recently from several readers of my site across platforms concerned my total returns performance and my benchmarks. As a long-term dividend investor, I doubt that sharing performance adds much in value.

My benchmark is S&P 500. I benchmark both my total returns and dividend income relative to this index…

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