Creating your Own Mobile Apps to Make Money

So, you think that you have a good idea for a new mobile phone application? You’re not alone. Creating smart phone apps is the new popular wave connected to advertising, business marketing and making money in new and creative ways. If you are looking to break into the mobile app market there are some things that you need to know to help you start raking in the cash.

The Phones

The first thing to remember is that not all smart phones are created equal and not all operating system are either. Each type of mobile phone is going to have its own process, system, bugs, and potential problems. For example, apps for an iPhone have to interface through the App Store in iTunes and only through iTunes. A WindowsPhone7 will only be able to accept payment through a credit card. With Android smart phones you run into a whole other set of issues because the only way of purchasing is through Google Checkout, which is not a fan favorite when it comes to payment options.

Creating the App

But before you even get to the payment options, you have to actually create the application. This isn’t a simple drag and drop process. It can take a lot of trial and error to get the coding right for a new app, but as the technology continues to develop there are new ways always being developed to help make the coding process easier.
Programs like what you can find on can help you to create a mobile phone app from the inception of the idea all the way through publishing, monetization, and social marketing. The program available with will allow you to take any web content and turn it into an Android application.

How it Works

Once you sign up for the services through AppsGeyser you will be able to walk through the first two easy and simple steps. This first part of the process is based off of your specific web content. AppsGeyser uses the most up to date and current app programming systems and offers you availability to: HTML5, Geo location, API, extended Java Script, and more. The program allows you to publish your app on several different app sources. This makes it easy to get your information out to the people who will be interested in it the most.

After the creation of your app, AppsGeyser will walk you through the monetization process, which will allow you to put advertisements inside of your app and bring in more money than for just the purchase of the app itself. Through you can also opt to sell your application in the app market. This allows you to take your great idea and make money off of it right away.

From there the program will help you to market your newly created app. The system allows you to use push notification to get the attention of the people who would be most interested in the app that you have created.
When you sign up for the AppsGeysers website you will also gain access to a wide range of free resources. These resources will help you to grow your mobile presence and make your app marketable. On the website you can find blogs, E-books, video tours, webinars, and the University, where are all there to help you gain as much information as you can to make your app program successful.

Once your App is Complete

Keep in mind that however you create your app; you are going to have the split the income with the services that you are marketing on. All of the mobile app markets are going to require a revenue spilt. Knowing this it is important that you factor in those costs into the overall costs of creating the application and getting it out on the market.
One way to make your new app really stand out is to offer a limited version of the application for free. This way people get to try and it out and see what they think. If they like and it’s worth it for them, they will be willing to spend the money to get the full version. If people think that they are getting something for free they will be more likely to try it out. If your app is a great product and people are truly interested in it they will be willing to pay for it once they’ve had a free taste.

There is also the subscription based model that some use to charge for apps. If your app is going to continually provide new information or updates to your app customers, you could charge an annual or monthly fee. This is a great way to build revenue and keep money coming in. The important part here is to make it easy and obvious as to how your subscribers can get out of the program. If people feel that you are trying to trick them into a contract they will be less likely to sign up in the first place.

Remember that creating mobile apps is still a relatively new idea in this world. The whole app process is continually changing. As new things develop the app process is getting easier, more high tech, and less expensive. No matter how you determine the best way to start creating your own mobile app, it is important that you keep on top of this changing market. Think of the end user as you are creating your app. You want the entire process to be simple and easy for the customer. Keep that in mind through the creation, the monetization, and the marketing of your app. The simpler it is to use and easier it is to access; the more popular it will be with the end users.

And really when it comes to the world of mobile apps the end users is the one that you need to be aiming towards making happy.