Couponing the Smart Way

Smart couponing is an excellent way for you to save money. However, when you plan and organize how to shop with coupons, it not only increases your savings but you can do it easily and efficiently. With knowledge and practice, couponing becomes a way of life. Pretty soon, seeing great discounts online will become second nature!

Coupons are everywhere and knowing where to look allows you to build a base of these money-savers, and the base soon becomes your supply. For example, look on the products container for a manufacturer’s coupon. For a store coupon, look on the shelf next to where a product sits. At the register, a store often has coupons you can print, and coupons are often on the back of your receipt.

Newspaper pages, along with inserts, are a source of coupons; the same is true with magazines. Junk mail packets often contain coupons, as do the packages of merchandise you order from mail order sources. Mailings from retail outlets are coupon fountains; not to mention free coupons found on websites.

It’s worth the time and effort to store unused coupons in a container, like a shoe box. For easy access to specific coupons, file all coupons in a predetermined order, such as alphabetical or by type of product. This eliminates sorting through coupons thrown into any available receptacle.

In order to receive the most value from a coupon, be creative. Look for stores that take double-coupons, or use a coupon for an item that’s on sale. Another idea is to use both store and manufacturer’s coupons on a product, or combine a coupon with a product rebate.

Ask a store employee if they accept competitor’s coupons. If they do, use any coupon you have that corresponds with a product they carry. In addition, when a newspaper contains more than the usual amount of coupons for products you use, buy another paper, or two, and double-up on that product. Another idea is to match coupons with products on a clearance rack. A company that accepts coupons all the time is Verizon. I would recommend that you shop with coupons for Verizon Wireless products. Stop wasting your money and shop the smart way.

The goal of using coupons is to spend less money, so use coupons for smaller sizes of a product. It costs less, and you can always take advantage of the cost-per-unit break, on larger sizes, when you don’t have a coupon for that product. Use coupons for only products you need. If you use coupons to buy products you don’t use on a regular basis, you may, overall, spend more than you save. It’s good to keep coupons with you, as you never know when the opportunity to use one will present itself.