Complete Idiots that Make a Lot of Money: Hollywood’s Funniest

Complete Idiots that Make a Lot of Money: Hollywood’s Funniest

Ever wonder why comedians and actors keep on making funny films and shows? It’s because they enjoy making people laugh and have a great time while earning a lot of money. Let’s face it, we all love a great film and a good laugh; and we never get tired of seeing people make fun of themselves. Call them idiots or whatever you want to call them, but these men and women earn a lot just for tickling our funny bone by looking stupid in the process.

The Interest with the “Out of the Ordinary”

A lot of people are curious to see other people doing idiotic stuff or performing out of what many call, norm. It probably is within our nature to watch shows that require normal and ordinary people to do extraordinary stunts. Television shows with funny concepts and weird concepts are always fun to watch. There are also times when we find it too idiotic but still manage a way to get a good time bashing on people who play stupid or dumb roles.

Television shows and film producers get the concept of watching something completely out of the box to the point where it becomes silly, and use this to their advantage to make a lot of money. Today there are a lot of cartoon shows which exemplify doing weird and idiotic stuff and feature characters that are witty, funny and predominantly doing crazy things.

Cartoon Series Produced and Starred by Complete Idiots who Make a Lot of Money

Here are the top rated shows where people, producers and actors make fun of themselves on national television:

• The Simpsons

This all-time favorite has been running for more than two decades now and is one of the classic cartoon television series with crazy and idiotic story lines. It shows a family with a father, Homer Simpson taking the lead by being one of the funniest characters in history. This cartoon series actually inspired other producers to create similar shows and make millions of dollars out of it. This show is so high grossing that is has also been created into a full length movie.

• Family Guy

A lot of people who watch Family Guy know that this cartoon series is not for children. It includes a lot of adult jokes and scenes which are truly funny and entertaining with content that is very mature and not advisable for children to see. But judging from how producers are laughing their way to the bank, this doesn’t stop the show from being one of the most popular shows today.

• American Dad

One of the newest cartoon series for adults following the success of Family Guy is the American Dad. This show is full of violence and sex and yet a lot of people patronize the show, making the people behind the cartoon exceptionally rich.

• Beavis and Butthead

One of MTV’s greatest masterpieces showcasing the most idiotic duo the world has ever seen is the cartoon series Beavis and Butthead. This global phenomenon of a show is so popular that it even went on for a go on the silver screen with the Beavis and Butthead: The Movie, making its creators and producers reap in millions from worldwide ticket sales.

• South Park

This is another cartoon series that was turned into a movie because of its popularity among teens and younger adults. The show features 4 kids and several characters with violent and malicious content. This very funny show is popular because of its unusual storyline that is not for young kids to see, although it is starred by children. Who knew that a show wherein one of the main characters who is just a kid gets killed in almost all episodes will be such a hit?

Idiotic Movies that Became Blockbuster Hits

From the small screen to the silver screen, here are the top grossing and classic shows that showcase weird, idiotic and very funny characters and plots.

• Dumb and Dumber

Dumb and Dumber is probably the best example of a show that centers on being dumb and stupid. Played by one of the funniest and richest Hollywood actors of all time, Jim Carrey, The Dumb and Dumber series is surprisingly funny and a blockbuster hit in many countries. This movie involves two friends who are incredibly stupid and do all kinds of crazy things.

• Jackass the Movie

The hit television series and blockbuster movie, Jackass is probably the epitome of complete idiots who do crazy stuff and make millions of dollars. A group of men try out different experiments which often end up in people getting hurt. Judging from the popularity of the movie and the TV show before it, a lot of people are actually fans of people doing dangerous and totally idiotic activities which have captured millions of viewers around the world.

• The Hangover

One of the latest blockbuster hits is The Hangover franchise. As its title suggests, the stories of this 2 part franchise revolve around a group of men drinking a night before a wedding and waking up after completely blacking out, with no idea what has transpired the night before. Throughout the two movies, people watching are taken into a rollercoaster ride of remembering and memory loss. This funny adult comedy is in fact so successful that both installments were massive hits.

Hollywood’s Richest Idiots

Now, we go to the people who make it possible for us to enjoy really funny shows and films. These Hollywood actors and actresses are known for their unique (and idiotic) comedy styles and their money.

• Adam Sandler

Regarded as one of the top grossing Hollywood actors, Adam Sandler is the funniest and richest guy who enjoys doing idiotic stuff on camera. This Hollywood A-lister is responsible for hit motion pictures such as Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, The Wedding Singer, Big Daddy, Little Nicky and many more funny movies.

• Chris Pontius, Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville

These three men were the stars of the hit MTV series Jackass, which became a huge hit. They later went on to create the adventure series Wild Boyz, which pretty much revolves around world adventures with the actors putting themselves up for idiotic acts and experiments with animals and more. These men literally make money by exploiting and hurting themselves on live camera.

• Jack Black

Another Hollywood actor who makes a living by making fun of himself is comedian Jack Black. He has done a lot of crazy films that will truly knock your socks off with his funny and idiotic antics. Great movies like Nacho Libre and Year One showcase his one of a kind style in making people have a good time.

• Anna Faris

Anna Faris is just one of those sexy Hollywood blondes who are not afraid of making herself look stupid in a film. The House Bunny where Anna Faris shows off her dumb blonde act is one of the funniest shows that men and women will truly enjoy. In this movie she plays an exiled Playboy bunny looking for a place to stay. Her dumb and idiotic character is so convincing that the movie became such a hit.

• Ben Stiller

Coming from a line of funny Hollywood family, Ben Stiller has some of the best movies of all time. His style of comedy is so natural that people are drawn to his funny antics all the time. He starred in the blockbuster hit franchise Meet the Parent, Meet the Fockers and Little Fockers. He’s also the star of the funny movie Zoolander alongside comedian Owen Wilson, who also makes millions of dollars in idiotic films.

• Mike Myers

The star of the incredibly successful franchise Austin Powers, Mike Myers has long been making money by playing completely idiotic characters. He is also the voice behind the worldwide hit movie series Shrek. He is a great actor who knows how to play such roles that nobody else would be perfect for, making him one of the world’s best comedians who bags millions of dollars in movie deals and royalties.