Common Hiring Mistakes to Avoid And Foster A Great Company Culture

Common Hiring Mistakes to Avoid And Foster A Great Company Culture

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According to a recent study, over 45 percent of small business owners claimed they found very few or no qualified applicants to fill positions within their company. Without competent and committed employees, a small business will be unable to grow and prosper.

The last thing you need to do is rush through the employee vetting and hiring process due to the mistakes this will cause. Often times, working with a knowledgeable staffing agency is a great way to reduce the stress of hiring new employees.

Are you attempting to avoid common hiring mistakes? If so, check out these helpful tips on getting the right employees hired and creating a unique company culture simultaneously.

Background Checks are a Must

The biggest mistake you need to avoid during the hiring process is neglecting to run background checks on prospective employees. Failing to do this can lead to you hiring criminals that will steal and put your business in jeopardy. If you don’t have the software needed to perform these background checks on your own, working with a recruitment agency is your best bet.

Being thorough during the hiring process lets potential employees know how passionate you are about getting the right team in place. Creating a company culture that revolves around going the extra mile to get the best results can help you take your business to the next level in no time.

Take Advantage of the Technology At Your Disposal

For some business owners, implementing the use of new technology is something they fear. Failing to use the power of the internet and social media during the hiring process is a huge mistake. Platforms like LinkedIn are filled with capable and experienced employee candidates.

Utilizing the power of technology in every facet of your business will help you develop a competitive advantage. Investing in things like an efficient employee schedule maker program can help you make fair and balanced schedules with ease. Using old and outdated tools will make it very hard for you to edge out your competition. While finding and implementing the use of new technology may be intimidating, it is well worth the time and effort you invest.

Ignoring the Remote Worker Revolution

Instead of letting geographical limitations dictate who you can hire, you need to think about using remote workers. Recent studies show that allowing employees to work from home can reduce turnover rates and increase productivity.

The key to having success with a remote workforce is constant communication. During the onboarding process, you need to let new remote workers know what is expected of them. Giving this information early on will help to minimize any problems or confusion in the future.

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Don’t Forget About the Interview Process

Whether you are hiring employees to work remotely or in your office, interviewing them before making a decision on whether to put them on your team is a must. Ideally, you will want to have a face to face meeting with a prospective employee to make this experience more personal. If the employee in question lives in another state or country, using video chat software is a great idea.

Before this interview takes place, you need to make a list of questions to ask. Be sure to give the person you are interviewing a breakdown of what the job in question entails. You will also need to give them information regarding your company culture and what your company’s main goal is.

If you just don’t have the time to interview employee candidates, hiring a recruitment agency is probably your best bet. These companies will generally have a large pool of talent to pull from, which will make the hiring process much easier for everyone involved.