What Do You Do When Your Co-Workers Are Paid More Money?

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If you find out a co-worker is getting paid more money than you for doing the same job, the first thing you do is do not react. You should not respond with vitriol or negativity. You should think about what you believe this means for you, and if you think you can find a better job that pays you what you think you are worth, then it is time to contact the best finance recruiters so you can begin looking for a new position.

Maybe you are not ready to leave this current company, and you feel as though there is an opportunity for you to be compensated what you believe you are worth. When you get the information about your co-worker making more money, you will need to push through the negative feelings so you can get to a place where you can reach the goal of getting a raise.

Remain Calm

Upon hearing the information about your co-workers pay, you may be inclined to go into your supervisor’s office and demand he give you a raise, or you may have the impulse to not be so kind to the co-worker who is making more money. You should do neither. Step away from the situation, breathe, don’t confront anyone nor make any snap decisions, and do not talk down about yourself or the other person. Give yourself time to process this new information before you say anything.

Next Steps

You may need to get creative in how you address the pay gap. Perhaps you let your supervisor or higher up’s know that you are being contacted by accounting finance recruiters, and they are willing to pay more for your services. You could also attempt to get the pay gap put into some sort of context by human resources.