Cheap Startup Advertising Strategies

Cheap Startup Advertising Strategies

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What is required for a product to be successful in the market is good quality and greater marketing. With smaller businesses allotting a limited budget for advertising, the following article is going to provide you with some effective, low-cost strategies to promote your products and services.

(1)    There are three things any company has to figure out before they plan out their promotion strategies: the target audience, why should anyone buy your product and why is your product better than the others or what differentiates you from the other ventures selling the kind of product. It is wiser to focus on a certain type of audience, instead of catering to all the masses in general, to avoid any negative attention. Start small, and you can always expand in future.

(2)    Social Media Marketing: Social Media Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter offer a platform for one-on-one interaction with your customers. Queries and feedbacks when handled out in the open, instead of the usual emails, draws trust; is a cheap and efficient way to promote your brand. Also, you can hire a content writer to write worthy articles/blogs to boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and share updates about any new launches or offers. For example, if you company sells health products and cosmetics, you can upload articles like, “Tips to have dry-free skin this winter”, or “When to use a sunscreen”. By educating your audience about the field you are dealing with, you are providing supplementary material and enhancing customer experience, both add on to your plus points.

(3)    You can also use online advertising platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook, which provide stats on your ads- what is actually working and what is not. These will help you make faster decisions, especially when you don’t time to create content, while you test and try out your target groups.

(4)    Have a strong brand image: Your logo design and typeface should be such that people are able to immediately your ads. “Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” Your color choice and imagery should be so catchy that people are able to recognize your brand and ads just by these two aspects and even respond to it. “Brand well, and stick to your image. Build loyalty through resonance.”

(5)    The last thing to keep in mind is customer retention. You job isn’t done after you’ve sold a product- holding onto your customers is the most important step. Find a plan to keep these customers happy and satisfied, by bringing to them the best practices and sharing with them any new developments. “Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simple recommend you, but they insist their friends and family to do business with you.”

“The most effective way of building a brand is not by spending millions on advertising, but by finding a clever way to keep your name in the press.”