Building your Professional Skills

Professional skill

When you’re trying to advance your career, one of the most important things you can do is show that you’re developing your professional skills. Whether you’re in search of promotion or a new job elsewhere, one of the things employers love is evidence that you’re proactive in learning more and keeping up with the cutting edge of your profession.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can do this, and show your employers you’re really giving it your all.

Talk to Your Managers

The news that you want to develop your skills will only come as good news to your managers. Schedule a meeting to discuss your aspirations: you may resources are available to help you when you ask. You can work with your manager to decide what would be most valuable for you to work on the ways you could do it, from bringing in professionals to run training sessions, to scheduling you time off to attend courses.

Take the Initiative

Another way to really stand out at work is to take the initiative and organise training workshops for relevant skills. If you see a need in your department for some additional training and develop, look into getting an expert in to talk to the team. If you need to look into training room hire London has plenty to offer you, so you know you’ll have access to the resources you need.

Join Professional Bodies

Depending on your industry, there are likely one or more professional bodies that govern or support people working in it. Joining can be a gateway to a vast professional network that can really help to build your profile.

Participating in the culture of your profession, rather than merely doing your job is a great way to get additional perspectives on how to develop, not just teaching you new skills but showing the skills you may not even have considered worth looking at!

Seek a Mentor

One outcome of joining the bodies and organisations that surround your profession is that get to meet and form relationships with more experienced people. If you’re able to find one who is able to act as a mentor to you, the benefits can be incredible.

A mentor can guide your development, give you a more mature perspective both on your career and on the industry as a whole. Most importantly, they may be able to guide you away from some of the youthful mistakes they made!