How to Build a Career in Marketing

Marketing skill

For those who wish to start a job in the field of marketing, the following article is going to help answer the following few questions: If you already working, then how do you transition from your old job into a whole new field? What qualities are required? What areas of learning and skills do you have to focus upon? So, let us start:

  • Focus on your strengths Time Ferris said, “Just form habits around one or two strengths” – This is exactly what you are going to do, form habits around your strengths. You may be moderately good at any one of the disciplines of marketing: data, analytics, advertising, CRO, SEM, copywriting, community, SEO, etc. Instead of trying to excel at all the aspects of marketing, choose one or two areas, and gain expertise.
  • Don’t get discouraged by a lot of initial NOs

    Not only in marketing, but in every business, an entrepreneur has to go through a lot of rejections before he makes it big. When it comes to kickstarting a career in, you’ll likely hear “no” and a lot more than “yes.” Don’t let these NOs ruin your self-confidence. Believe in your goal, and work upon your shortcomings.

  • Focus on three most important skills: communication, storytelling and writing

    These three skills are timeless and will always be valuable, may it be blog post writing or landing page for a video. Develop a habit of writing about 2000 words at minimum, every single day. You can even use the tiniest opportunities to improve your writing- Emails, Facebook and Instagram captions, birthday cards, etc.

  • Side Projects

    Make sure you have side projects that help you learn new skills, apart from the main path you are pursuing. Learn some coding, web-designing or even a new language.

  • Keep yourself aware of the industry dynamics

    The marketing industry keeps changing almost every day. New strategies, new platforms to reach the audience, new trends keep coming up, and it important for ever marketer to keep up with the speed. Breathe and live the market. Understand the latest trends and developments, read news and follow blogs. Moreover, taking a master of marketing will keep you updated of the latest marketing strategies and get you ahead in your career.

  • Networking

    For a successful marketer, it is important to a great networker. You are required to a good listener, be collaborative, authentic, have a positive attitude and help others. Communicate clearly and follow up on conversations.

  • Have a critical eye

    It is important for a marketer to question everything and find a reason behind every change that is taking place in your business or in the industry, so that you could use this to plan your future strategies. In marketing, it is always beneficial to have a curious approach towards everything and look for the “why” and “how” behind every piece of data.