Blessed to Be a Blessing: The Mormon Way to Success

Blessed to Be a Blessing: The Mormon Way to Success

There is only one driving force that makes any businessman successful in his endeavor, and that is unwavering faith. Faith in general, propels people to do things that the majority wouldn’t dare to do. Depending on what you believe in or what your background may be, it is your belief on something not seen or tangible that makes successful businessmen who they are today.

The foundation of faith can come from various religious backgrounds. The Mormon way of doing business is based on the teachings of Mormon scripture and doctrine. For people who have been serving their church or ministry, their faith on Jesus Christ becomes their strongest foundation for a successful business.

Let’s understand how religious men and women who are true to the practice and teachings of Mormonism as well as what is Mormon belief can help other people, Mormon or not, to believe and have unwavering faith on the teachings and culture of their respective churches.

What is Mormon Religion?

Mormonism is a religious sect with some similar teachings to Christians and Protestants. With a church founded on the focus of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, Mormon communities all over the world follow specific set of rules or practices based on the Holy Bible and the Mormon book of doctrine.

Mormon services and bible studies make use of a King James Version of the Holy Bible, and the Book of Mormon. They believe the two books support each other overall. Therefore, they believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly; they also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God.

The Mormon churches believe in God the eternal father, and his son Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost.

A Way of Life Based on the Life of Jesus Christ

Christianity as a whole is structured and designed after the life of Jesus Christ. With the different divisions of Christianity, including Mormonism, the way people interpret the teachings and culture of Jesus Christ may be different from one religion to another.

The Mormon way of life is based and patterned on the service and hard work of the redeemer, Jesus Christ. Through evangelical acts, the Mormons spread the word and teachings of Jesus Christ by providing service to their communities, helping other people and creating awareness on the true meaning of a full and prosperous life in accordance to their beliefs and practices.

Business and Mormonism

Mormon businessmen know that the key to success is faith in Jesus Christ and the utmost respect for the hierarchy of leadership. Because the core teaching of Mormonism is being a good follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, they know that you need to be a follower first before you can lead a group of people or a company for that matter to greater heights. The Mormon businessmen value the worth of people and give importance to their employees, thus making them work harder for the good of the entire corporation.

The Mormon way of life and business is somewhat strict because the Mormon followers practice a specific set of rules and live by the principle of doing good to get the grace of God and receive the Holy Spirit. When applied to business, these people continue to live by such principle and go through with their businesses as straight and as truthful as possible.

Big business moguls like the CEO of the world renowned computer corporation, Dell, live by the principle of the empowerment of Jesus Christ to those who do things by His will.

Service to Others to Come Back By Multiples

Another principle that is taught within the Mormon communities is being of service not only to the church, to Lord Jesus Christ, but also to fellow believers and non-believers. In Mormonism, giving something, either tangible or intangible, to another person without expecting anything in return shall come back more than you can ever expect.

For businessmen following such principle, they know that one of the major foundations of a corporation is providing service willfully to other people. Most of these Mormon businessmen have a charitable institution, which they help or fund. Some even develop their churches and move towards propagating the Mormon way in every aspect of life, may it be regarding your family, business or personal life.

Addressing the Newest Challenges with the Old Ways

The business world is a very tough world to be part of. Most businessmen fail because they can no longer handle the constantly changing hurdles and challenges that the industry throws at them. Some cut corners or try to go around the legal system. Although this may seem like a promising move, such indiscretions end up twice as bad.

When Mormon businessmen face challenges with their businesses, they don’t try to go above and beyond the system. Instead, they make use of the Bible and the Mormon book of scripture, and look for the answer to their problems there. Making use of the oldest solutions to address the newest challenges brought about by the changes in the modern world is seen by Mormon businessmen as the single most effective way to rise above the challenges.

In addition to referring to the scriptures of Mormonism, the power that propels these men to take the extra mile with their business endeavors is none other than faith. In the industry of commerce and trading, it is inevitable to have some business challenges that may seem too big for you to handle. With the strong hold and belief to something that you don’t see, that big problem won’t be as big as your faith.

Qualities of Mormon Businessmen

Devout followers of Mormonism often have similar qualities which make them truly successful in business and in life. Here are some of the great qualities of most Mormon businessmen:

• Obedient

Mormonism teaches its followers to be obedient at all times, living by the principle of doing good to others, will bring about blessings into their lives. Great businessmen, whether they’re followers of the Mormon way or not, they do all their business endeavors with care. They do this by doing everything by the book.

• Consistency and Persistence

Most people think about missionaries when the word Mormon is brought up. These missionaries of the Mormon way are very diligent in spreading the good word to as many people as possible, no matter how many rejections they may receive or doors may be shut at them. Real Mormon businessmen have a missionary state of mind. This means that no matter how many people turn them down, they are still consistently planting seeds to germinate their business, much like spreading the word of the Lord.

• Unwavering Faith

Faith and unwavering faith are two very different things. Most people believe in something and have faith that they will achieve it. But when times get too tough, they start to doubt themselves. Mormonism teaches its followers to have that unwavering faith in the miracle of Jesus Christ. All great businessmen have that unwavering faith. Having unwavering faith on your dreams and goals and knowing that you are going to have greatness and expecting it to come anytime soon, is the true meaning of such principle. You do this without being swayed by negativity.