Are Fees And Charges Draining Your Bank Account?  Use These Tips To Save Money at the Bank. + MORE

Are Fees And Charges Draining Your Bank Account? Use These Tips To Save Money at the Bank. + MORE

Are Fees And Charges Draining Your Bank Account?  Use These Tips To Save Money at the Bank.

Are you losing your hard earned money due to fees and charges from your bank?

It seems ironic that the place where we put our money to try and keep it safe is one of the places that try and hit us with the most hidden charges and overinflated fees.

The sad reality is that banking is not free, nor is it cheap and if you want to truly protect your money, you have to know how to continue doing so even once it has been placed into your account…

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How to Be More Outgoing


How to Be More OutgoingIf you don’t know how to be more outgoing, then you probably wonder why it’s so easy for others to talk to people, ask their name, age, and make conversation, while it feels so unnatural to you.
Even if you have the tiniest doubt, even if doesn’t make logical sense, you’re completely discouraged from making conversation with others, especially if they are in a group…

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10 Cognitive Distortions that are Stressing You Out and Sapping Your Productivity

The sculpture, Parable with a Skull, by Jaroslav Róna features a giant skull resting atop a person’s back weighed down on their hands and knees, and was inspired by the works of Franz Kafka, whose characters are fraught with this very depiction of over-thinking and psychological torment. It is a stark example of what distorted thoughts can do to our minds and bodies, but is an essential reminder, nonetheless:  we need to truly learn to master our own minds, so that unruly thinking does not become our master…

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Do you have the guts to claim your abundance? How many times have you walked away from what was rightfully yours? 
My daughter works for Southwest Airlines. As her parent, I can fly standby, free of charge as long as there is an empty seat on the plane. But there is a pecking order; employees have first dibs, then parents and then those with buddy passes…

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Using Deep Brain Stimulation To Renew Your Mind And LifeJust like the human body needs exercise to keep itself fit, your brain needs deep stimulation to keep it in good shape as well. If your brain does not receive deep brain stimulation on a regular basis, it loses it sharpness and its ability to think becomes severely slow. Using deep brain stimulation keeps your brain sharp and alert…

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How to Merge All Your Photos from the Web Into One Cohesive CollectionI have photos everywhere. I post some to Instagram, others are scattered around my computer and on external hard drives. I have tons at Flickr, and my friends post photos with me to Facebook. The idea of collecting all of those photos in one place sounds like a chore, but Trovebox makes it easy to import them, save them, back them up, share them out again, or point your favorite photo organizer—iPhoto, Picasa, whatever—at the collection…

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