Activities Involved in Business

Marketing plan

  1. Making a budget: First of all, making a budget is very important. This means that you decide the expenditure that you can afford. There are a number of avenues that need to be looked after in a business. Some of the sectors that need attention are the salaries of the employees, the amount you can invest as capital, the expenditure that has to be done of procuring the raw materials, the tax that you need to pay and so on and so forth. Thus, a budget is the first step you take in order to reach your goal of maximum profit.
  2. Accounting: Secondly, accounting means that you need to maintain a record of how much was invested, how much was spent and how much was earned back. In fact, here, you must understand that now all that you earn back is the profit. The profit is actually what is left when you deduct the investment from the total earning. This is why accounting is very important. If you are someone who has taken a loan or have share-holders in your firm, then they can ask to have a look at the accounts book at any time. In case you are not familiar with the accounting methods, then you must hire a professional.
  3. Marketing plans: Marketing is the driving force of the company. This is the method though which you are able to reach out to the masses and let them know that you exist. No one will buy any item or service of yours until and unless they see an advantage for themselves or are even aware that you exist. Thus, marketing helps you to establish contact with them. the traditional means of marketing are the television and the newspaper. However, the latest technology and priority given to the world wide web and the cyber world have ensured that digital marketing has also become very popular. Thus, you need to decide on the pages on Facebook, your personal website and the bloggers or celebrity endorsements that you wish to avail of.
  4. Growth of sales: This means that you sell your products and items. No matter how much you invest and how many marketing tricks and gimmicks you put to use, it is all a total waste if you cannot sell your items. Remember, you earn only when you sell. Thus, salesmen are very important. They must be aware of how to sell your products to the masses.
  5. Hiring employees: Employees must be hired according to their skills and level of expertise in the sector. They must be people who are able to contribute well in making your company one of the most top-notch ones. Some basic qualities that they need to have are obedience, loyalty and dedication to excellence.
  6. Customer service: This means that just because a customer has already purchased your item, it does not mean that you ignore them. you need to help them if they have any issues with your products and they must receive immediate attention. That is how you will be able to retain them.