9 Steps To Creating Engaging Content [INFOGRAPHIC] + MORE

9 Steps To Creating Engaging Content [INFOGRAPHIC] + MORE

The Union of French Jewish Students is claiming victory today in a several-month battle with Twitter over releasing personal account details of Twitter users who tweeted anti-Semitic statements.
“This agreement with Twitter represents a great victory in the struggle against racism and anti-Semitism,” Jonathan Hayoun, president of the Union of French Jewish Students, said in a statement…

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Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention. What’s New This Week? Instagram Introduces Web Embeds: Instagram adds web embedding for Instagram content and brings you “an easy way to […

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How Tumblr Is Making It Easier for Fans to Find You on Mobile
Tumblr updated both its iOS and Android apps this week with new search and discovery features, making it easier for readers to find and subscribe to your blog. This was a difficult task previously, at least from Tumblr’s mobile apps, as individuals could only search by tag or browse through highlighted trending tags, such as #celebs or #food…

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Twitter To Auction Promoted Trends This Month For 2014 FIFA World Cup
Several months after opening an outpost in Brazil, host city of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Twitter is mobilizing to sell ad packages pegged to the uber-popular sporting event.
Ad Age has it that Twitter will be conducting a blind auction overseen by PricewaterhouseCoopers to sell promoted trends later this month, the first time Twitter has done so…

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Motes: The Wireless Helpers That Will Change Your Life
When you’re away from home, it’s always handy to have information about how things are in your house. Motes are wireless remote sensors that collect data on temperature, humidity, light and other data, then relay that info to your smartphone
The company, Wimoto, plans three different kinds of Motes…

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9 Steps To Creating Engaging Content [INFOGRAPHIC]

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9 Steps To Creating Engaging Content [INFOGRAPHIC][Adorable girl image via Shutterstock][Guest blog post by Craig Silverman]: Great content can spark engagement, foster relationships and generate new leads. It can also help to establish you as a thought leader. Content is seemingly the gateway to a new world of success for every professional and business…

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8 ways to cultivate more inventiveness at work

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8 ways to cultivate more inventiveness at workWhen people think of the word “work,” a creative space perfect for cultivating ideas isn’t exactly what comes to mind. But really great startups tend to do one thing well, and that’s innovate.
I wanted to know how successful founders make sure creative juices are always flowing (even if their office or local coffee shop isn’t necessarily the next Googleplex)…

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Your Online Privacy Is Fair Game, Nonprofit Data Brokering Game SuggestsOne major privacy issue with our increasingly digital lives comes in the form of data brokers, who gather up all the information we share with various sites, combine it, package it into “insights” about our consumer behavior and sell it to the highest bidder — ostensibly barring specifically illegal uses of the data…

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How does Instagram video stack up with Vine?
When Instagram announced that it has added video capabilities, the natural conclusion was that Facebook was trying to steal some of Vine’s thunder.
Simply Measured, which has studied the way brands use Instagram, recently put together some statistics showing how companies used video on Instagram (in comparison with Twitter’s Vine) shortly after launch…

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AddThis has released a new platform called Smart Layers, which it says can improve traffic and engagement by just adding a single line of code.
President and CEO Ramsey McGrory told me that Smart Layers both improves on the publisher tools that AddThis was already offering and introduces some new ones…

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Facebook phases out Questions for pages
As part of Facebook’s advertising simplification, the company planned to phase out several ad units and focus on objectives. Many Facebook page admins noticed recently that the Questions product has been eliminated.
Facebook announced last month that Questions (as well as Offers) would be phased out as the company tires to make advertising easier and more accessible…

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