7 WordPress Plugins to Make Your Blog Faster. + MORE

7 WordPress Plugins to Make Your Blog Faster. + MORE

Over on Reddit today someone asked for some advice on switching from monetizing a blog using just ad networks (like AdSense) to selling advertising directly to advertisers. I found myself writing a rather long response and thought it might also be of some use to readers here.
Here’s the question:
I was reading a post about blogging and money and was wondering when in a bloggers career do the emails start coming in where companies are trying to advertise on your website? I am curious because when first starting out you don’t have a lot of traffic so no proof of presence so companies don’t really care to be shown for long periods of time on those blogs…

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Telecommuting Made Easy – Learn how to Tackle and Deal with Productivity Drains
Telecommuting is getting a lot of attention lately. According to the Forrester Research, there are about 34 million Americans who telecommuted in 2009 alone. The report says that this will go up to about 63 million by the time that 2016 rolls in. Telecommuting can significantly improve employee recruitment efforts and other overhead costs…

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Readers are now thrilled with Fast sites.
They surf a lot these days. That’s why they want to have fast sites or they will leave your blog without check it.
Not only readers, but also search engines really care about the site speed.
They announced that the speed is one of the factors that affects the rankings of your blog…

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Make your reader feel like it was worth their while to spend time with your post. Make it dazzle them; make it epic.

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Recently on a video Matt Cutts (Head of Google’s Web Spam team) answered the question of whether or not you should link your sites together. The first point he makes is that you need to have a valid reason for all the different domains/sites, else it might be considered spam.
Second, even if you have a valid reason (i…

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How The Wrong Metric Sinks Your Business (& How The Right One Saves It) (FS011)What if you built a website with a ton of traffic only to realize it could never end up supporting you?
There are metrics that matter A TON in your business.
However, you might be making critical errors about which ones matter and which do not.
I met a founder recently who made one of those errors…

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