7 Tools to Keep Your Browser Tabs Organized + MORE

7 Tools to Keep Your Browser Tabs Organized + MORE

Today I want to set us all a little homework – a challenge of sorts – to update your blogs ‘About Page’.
This challenge evolves out of the embarrassing realisation that my own about page here on ProBlogger was dated and in need of a refresh.
It had been well over 12 months since I’d last looked at it – in that time I’d ended some projects mentioned on the page but also started new things like the ProBlogger Event – embarrassing!
It is particularly embarrassing because a blog’s About Page is often one of the first places a new visitor to a blog goes to check out what the blog is about, who is behind it and to make a decision whether it’s a blog that they want to subscribe to!
Many bloggers I speak with report that their About Page is one of their most read pages on their blog – get it wrong and you could be losing readers, hurting your brand or just looking dated…

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12 Unusual and Inspired Ideas for Blog Posts
I know that I have a lot of days where I do not think I have one good idea left in my brain. I have thought about every relevant blog post under the sun I could possibly ever write. There is no new news that is relevant to my blog niche and I am just in a rut. I know that a successful blog needs to have consistent posts, but I am just flat out of ideas…

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How To Select The Right Narrative Style For Your BlogGuest Post – Our host is Jessica Davis, Jessica is taking an interesting look at Narrative writing styles you can use on your blog.See How To Become a guest author on Spice Up Your Blog.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” — Maya Angelou. Before you can get your story out and write it down, you need to decide which narrative style you are going to use…

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On Finding Your Sweet Blogging Spot

– howtomakemyblog.com

I tweeted a Mark Twain quote and got an interesting follow-up question to it that I wanted to respond to on the blog.

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Tabbed browsing is a beautiful thing when done right, but many Internet users get carried away and open so many tabs that they ultimately get lost in them. Use these tools to keep your tabs organized so you can enjoy multiple pages without slowing your Internet search.
The Pin Tabs Feature

Image via Flickr by 24oranges…

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Unmissable Podcast Resources & Further ReadingOur podcast launch week was a big success! Here’s some of the best resources we’ve found on podcasting (and some of our favorite podcasts).
Last week we launched The Fizzle Show, a talk show for creative entrepreneurs like yourself who want to build a business you care about.
We heard so much great feedback from you all in the iTunes reviews, tweets, and comments on the posts here at ThinkTraffic…

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