7 Stocks to Sell Amid Dark Manufacturing Outlook + MORE

John Lechleiter will turn over reins to CFO while undergoing and recuperating from a surgery.    

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UPC Holding Reports First Quarter 2013 Results

AMSTERDAM–(BUSINESS WIRE)– UPC Holding B.V. (“UPC Holding”) is today providing selected, preliminary unaudited financial and operating information for the three months ended March 31, 2013 (“Q1 2013”)…

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The Best-Performing Precious Metal Just Got Even BetterThis may be the best time in more than a decade to invest in palladium. Normally known for its volatility, the white metal is about to enter a period unlike anything the precious metals sector has ever seen.
Most folks don’t know it, but palladium is 30 times more rare than gold. And worse yet, 80% of the globe’s supply comes from just two countries – South Africa and Russia…

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Why The Tech Sector Slump Spells OpportunityThis is not a good time to be running a tech company.
Major corporate clients continue to withhold capital spending funds, investing only in areas that promise rapid paybacks or can be improved with a modest amount of money.
Moreover, the U.S. government, which is a major buyer of hardware, software and services, has nearly frozen, as the sequester limits — or even shrinks — information technology budgets…

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7 Stocks to Sell Amid Dark Manufacturing Outlook

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7 Stocks to Sell Amid Dark Manufacturing OutlookCaterpillar (NYSE:CAT) has had a rough year. The stock is down 13% since May 2012 while the S&P 500 has tacked on 16% in the same period, and more recently is down slightly YTD in 2013 while the broader stock market continues to set new highs.
What gives?
A manufacturing malaise worldwide, that’s what…

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BMC’s sluggish growth results in a takeout bid that doesn’t seem to fully value the company.    

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May 6 (Bloomberg) — Ben Kallo, senior research analyst
Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc., discusses raising his price target
on shares of Tesla Motors Inc. Kallo talks with Bloomberg’s Pimm
Fox and Carol Massar on Bloomberg Radio’s “Taking Stock.”

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ccualumni wrote:I was just checking my retirement account and noticed that they now offer a Roth option. I am not sure why I would use a ROTH instead of my 401k. The ROTH will be taxed now, but tax free later. Would I contribute to that as well or is there a certain point where I would need to start contributing to the ROTH? Wiki article link: Traditional versus Roth Usually, in a 28% bracket, the Traditional 401(k) is slightly better; it’s likely that you will pay 28% tax on the Roth now to avoid paying 25% tax later, because most people retire in a lower tax bracket…

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