6 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2013: New Research + MORE

6 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2013: New Research + MORE

Verizon Unveils 3 New Droid Phones

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Verizon Unveils 3 New Droid PhonesIn partnership with Motorola, Verizon today unveiled the next generation of its Droid lineup, comprising the Droid Ultra, the Droid Maxx and the Droid Mini.
At 7.18mm thin, the 5-inch Droid Ultra is the “thinnest 4G LTE smartphone” on the market, Verizon claims. The Maxx is basically the Ultra with a larger battery, which is said to last up to 48 hours…

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Brands are desperate to market to the hordes of users on Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr.
Pinterest’s 70 million users drive huge long-tail e-commerce. Instagram’s 130 million users spend almost 260 minutes a month in the photography-based mobile social network. And Tumblr’s 80 million posts a day is almost unheard of even in today’s supercharged Internet…

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Facebook prompts fans to get notifications after liking a pageFacebook page admins hate how only a fraction of their fanbase will see their posts. In October, Facebook allowed users the ability to get a notification whenever a page makes a post, offering people to stay connected to the pages they care about most.
Now some users are seeing a prompt to receive notifications from a page after they like it…

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Facebook abuzz for royal baby

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Facebook abuzz for royal baby
Within an hour of the birth of Prince William and Duchess Kate’s first baby, there were more than 1 million mentions of the royal baby on Facebook.
Facebook offered Inside Facebook some statistics about countries and demographics that talked about the newest addition to Britain’s Royal Family…

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Are you looking for the latest marketing trends? Wondering how the wide choice of devices and platforms are impacting marketers and consumers? According to the 2013 Infinite Dial Report by Edison Research, media usage is not a zero-sum game. Consumers want to use all channels simultaneously, and as a marketer, you have to keep up […

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WordPress.com now offers a .CO option for customized blog domain namesBloggers using the hosted WordPress.com service now have the option to use a .CO domain when looking to procure a customized name for their site.
Thus far, users looking to steer clear of a WordPress.com-branded domain through using a personalized URL could choose from a .COM, .ME, .NET or a .ORG.
The domain is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Colombia, and is administered by …

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More than 100M people use Facebook on feature phones
While the majority of Facebook users access the site through smartphones, a growing number of people interact on Facebook through feature phones. Facebook announced Monday that upwards of 100 million people use Facebook on their feature phones via the Facebook For Every Phone App, something the company launched two years ago…

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Facebook plans video ads rollout amid substantial ad type reduction
Facebook recently announced a significant reduction in the number of ads available to social advertisers, yet amid this reduction they’re still planning to rollout new in-News Feed video ads, potentially this fall. So why video ads? What can serious Facebook advertisers expect from the new offering? How can they prepare to capitalize when video ads launch?
Why Video Ads?
According to Nielsen, 64 percent of brand marketers plan to increase spending for online video ads, while 73 percent of agencies plan to follow suit…

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Australia’s National Rugby League Sets Up Social Media Mission Control Room, Generates 1B Impressions
The State of Origin is basically the Super Bowl of rugby, an annual best-of-three series of rugby league football matches between the Blues and the Maroons, who represent the Australian states of New South Wales and Queensland, respectively.
In honor of the premier sporting event, Australia’s National Rugby League (NRL) partnered with digital marketing agency VML Australia to create a tricked-out NRL Mission Control Room…

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Turn back the dial to 2009, and proximity social networking was buzzing, thanks to the launch of Google Latitude and the hype and oxygen burning around check-in services like Foursquare and Gowalla. Such services promised that we were all going to be broadcasting our location to friends — and even strangers — so that life could be one big serendipitous cool-tastic, gamified hook up…

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LinkedIn Lets Admins Comment and Like as the Brand on Company Pages [Updated]
In an effort to provide social media and community managers with more control over their brand, LinkedIn is giving admins the ability to comment and like posts on their Company Page as if they were the brand itself.
According to The Next Web, a small dialog box will appear near the top of your Company Page letting you know the new functionality is active…

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LinkedIn Brings Sponsored Updates to Users’ FeedsLinkedIn is launching Sponsored Updates, the company announced today.  Touted as the core product of the professional network’s content marketing program, Sponsored Updates are messages from advertisers that are placed along with the job change announcements and shop talk that appear on members’ homepages…

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How are B2B decision-makers using Facebook?
More business-to-business companies are utilizing Facebook for success, but the people at the heads of these companies still see Facebook as more of a personal space instead of somewhere for commerce.
According to a recent study by Forrester (organized visually by MarketingCharts.com), 42 percent of North American and European B2B decision-makers primarily use Facebook for personal purposes online — the highest percentage of any social network…

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