5 Ways to Stop Impulse Buying Now

Let’s face it, shopping makes us feel good.  If you are down in the dumps, coming home with new clothes, household items, or a fun personal purchase can put a smile on your face, until you get the credit card bill in next month and sink deeper into debt, so look to stop impulse buying now. Otherwise you will need to do some research on CreditRepair.com for a reputable company that can help you out after you spiral into debt.

Stick to a List

You know if you have ever gone to the grocery store for milk and eggs and come out with a cart full of unnecessary purchase, it is the same with any errand you run.   If you are going to Home Depot for a few things, stick to the list or you will be impulse buying your next home renovation.  Do yourself a favor; get in and get out when shopping.

Think Before You Spend

If there is a large item you are looking to purchase give yourself a day, a week, or even a month to see if you still need the item.  I have been kicking around buying a new laptop for the longest time, just when I go to buy, I put it off for another year.  Giving yourself a cool off period can work.

Use Cash

When you make a purchase with a credit card, it almost feels like money is no object.  You know for sure they money is not coming out of your wallet and you will not have to worry about making the payment for a month from now.  Debit cards you can give an extra thought because you know it is coming out of your account, but using cash, feeling that money in your hand and going to the cashier could be enough to change your mind, or at least make you decide if you need it for sure.

Pay Attention to Sales

Knowing when items go on sale or even only buying items that are on sale can help save spending on items that are at full retail price, but it can be tough to stay disciplined when you tell yourself it was on sale so it was a needed purchase.  That is asking for trouble.

Follow a Budget

Removing unnecessary spending is a major aspect in a budget, on top of saving.  If you stick to your budget, you probably do not need the impulse purchase, or if you are going to need a new item, at least budget to save up for it in the next couple months.