5 Ways to Promote a Home Business

5 Ways to Promote a Home Business

A growing number of people are getting enticed with the idea of being a home-office entrepreneur. Which means working from the comfort of your home without the need to commute or deal with street traffic.

Running a business from your home may seem like a great idea in the beginning but it has its pros and cons. This is the reason most people fail to make it and reluctantly have to go back to their day jobs.

The purpose of this post is to teach you ways to promote your home business so you don’t have to work 9 to 5 anymore.

Here are the 5 ways to promote a home business.

1. Get a website

There are two main objectives of having a website for a small home-based business. Firstly, a website lets you add relevant content in a confined space. Once a user lands on your homepage, you can direct them towards the information that will help them in their own life/business. Secondly, by getting ranked on a search engine like Google or Bing, you can seamlessly connect with the right audience.

2. Get listed in Google My Business

Now you can control what your prospects can see when they Google your business name. Google My Business is free service provided by Google which helps you promote your business within your local community. For instance, someone searching for a tattoo artist in New York City is more likely to search for something like “Tatto artist in New York”. Along with other tattoo artists, your business will also get listed in the search results.

3. Attend meetups for small-business owners

attend meetups

Startup owners are popular for conducting entertaining and valuable meet up events for free of cost. Some networking groups do demand fees but the value they provide is amazing. You get to meet other business owners and get share contact details with each other. In general, networking is quite overrated but when done in moderation, it can pay dividends.

4. Use social media to maximum advantage

Pick a few social media sites suitable for your business and focus on building a strong following there. Do not spread yourself too thin. There are plenty of social media platforms available but not all are going to benefit your home business. You want your target audience to become aware of your brand and also understand how linking with it can be beneficial to them.

5. Make cold calls

Cold calling is an old school way of promoting a business and it is still a potent marketing tool. You don’t have to sell anything on the phone. Just focus on getting to know the prospects and understand their problems. Follow up by letting them know how you can help them. If they are interested they will definitely demand more information from you.


When it comes to running a small business with a low marketing budget. Social media platforms are the best marketing tool you can use to promote your home-based business.

Write blogs for your business website that are specific to your locale and get found out in an organic and natural way. You can share your blogs on all your social media platforms to educate the audience on the latest trends in your field.