5 Ways to Enrich Yourself Other Than Riches + MORE

5 Ways to Enrich Yourself Other Than Riches + MORE

Stagnation and Politics at a Corporation

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I see posters of “keep calm and carry on” everywhere. At my offices, in cubicles, on Pinterest boards. Many have switched the phrase and added other funny words like “keep calm and call batman.”
The past two weeks at work, I have been repeating the same words over and over again…

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How Can Your Credit Report Affect Your Ability to Get Hired?

Photo: Andres Rueda

Here’s one reason to pay attention to your credit history: potential employers may use it as part of a pre-employment background check.
Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, employers are allowed to request a copy of your credit report for employment screening. Here’s what you need to know about your credit report’s affect on your ability to get hired…

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5 Ways to Enrich Yourself Other Than RichesToday I have a guest post from Nick at BayCrazy I hope you enjoy it.

Money, money, money – it’s what we’re all after, trying to manage better or save more of, but in our intense obsession with the faux digital and paper values that interlock the various world economies, it leaves people unable to purchase food or water and which serves as a ‘commodity’ for padding out the pockets of already unfathomably rich human beings by way of automatic interest…

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Energy efficient mortgages (EEMs, sometimes known as “green mortgages”) are loans that allow homeowners to finance energy-efficient upgrades for their current home or in a new home purchase. The cost of the upgrades is rolled into the mortgage so that multiple loans are not needed. An EEM allows lenders to extend borrowers’ debt-to-income qualifying ratio, …

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Recent Buy – Chevron (CVX)

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As part of my commitment to keep my readers up to date on my portfolio, I write up short posts describing my transactions.  Recently, I purchased 29 shares of Chevron (CVX).

These 29 shares have a total cost basis of $3,634.99, which works out to about $125.34 per share.  I feel that this is a fair value, especially given currently overvalued nature of the market…

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Frugal Gift Ideas For Dad

– frugalrules.com

The following is a guest post from my good friend Sean at One Smart Dollar. If you’re interested in submitting a guest post, please consult my guest posting guidelines and contact me.
Whether your Dad is the household handyman or the other end of the occasional pitch and catch, he most likely plays a large part in your life…

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Blog Roundup #15

– ayoungpro.com

One of the things I firmly believe in as a young professional is the need to always look for ways to improve yourself. Because of that, I have been a frequent reader of blogs and they have helped me out a lot! Here are some great posts I read this week:Link LoveJ$ at Budgets are Sexy talked about buying lost luggage…

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How To Stay Motivated with Your Side Hustle
Today we welcome back our normal Tuesday contributor, Catherine Alford!
Side hustling is a very popular topic in the personal finance blog kingdom (blogdom?). Whether you wash cars, tutor high school kids, or contribute articles for your fellow bloggers like yours truly, it seems like everyone these days works a little on the side to make some extra cash…

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Here are seven lessons we’ve learned while we’ve been paying down debt over the past couple of years.

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Do Borrowers Really Understand a Mortgage APR?As part of obtaining a mortgage, a borrower will be presented with many documents, one of which is the Truth-in-Lending, also known as a TIL. The TIL will list the mortgage rate being quoted, as well as, the annual percentage rate, commonly referred to as the APR. It is also a Federal law that lenders show both the mortgage rate and APR when advertising which prevents lenders from hiding fees…

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Stuff My Daughter Wants

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Stuff My Daughter WantsStuff My Daughter Wants
Club Thrifty – Stop spending. Start living.How can anyone say “no” to this face?
I think I’m in trouble.  Despite the fact that I’ve been explaining our financial situation to my 4-year-old daughter since she started talking, she’s just now starting to understand how money really works…

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