5 Tips to Help You Save on Air and Heating Costs for Your Home

@rild / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Energy costs have been on the rise for years, leading millions of people all over the world to look for ways that they can save on heating and air conditioning at home. Staying comfortable indoors can be difficult, especially if you live in a climate of hot summers and harsh winters. Follow these 5 easy tips to start saving on air and heating costs by making your home more energy efficient.

  1. Insulate the Attic
    Think back to your elementary school science classes. Hot air rises above cold air, which means that your heat is traveling upstairs when you crank up the thermostat. If your attic hasn’t been insulated, a lot of that heat is dispersing into the air outside. Attic insulation is like a winter cap for your house, and it’s one of the best ways to start saving on your heating costs. Look for inexpensive insulation solutions and start making your house comfortable and warm through the whole winter.
  2. Move the Summer Air
    Summertime air can quickly get stagnant, which makes your home a very uncomfortable place to be. Additional heat is released by both your body and your electronics, which often make indoor areas hotter than the outdoors. Indoor air quickly becomes stuffy as well, making summers inside almost unbearable. Rather than turning your air conditioning to full blast, open your windows and get the air moving through your house. Strategically placed fans will encourage air flow, making your home a much more comfortable place to be.
  3. Layer Up for the Winter
    This is the easiest and most inexpensive way to stay warm during the cold winter months, and it’s not just for your adventures outdoors. Before your hand flutters over to the thermostat as the temperatures drop, try layering up with warm and comfortable clothes at home. Thick sweaters and wool socks are your best friends. If you have hardwood floors at home, keeping your feet covered will go a long way in helping you stay warm throughout the winter. Before you let the heating costs pile up, see how much your own body heat can do to keep you warm.
  4. Clean Out Your Vents
    One of the biggest problems for home owners everywhere in the hot and cold seasons is that their vents are clogged up with dust and debris. Professional services like¬†aqua plumbing & air¬†agree–getting the most out of your heat and air conditioning at home requires free airflow through vents, and this is impossible when they’re dirty. Clean out your vents at least once a year to keep the air flowing through them and maximize your heat and air conditioning efficiency.
  5. Replace Your Old Windows
    More air passes through your windows than you may realize–even when they’re closed. Windows are the leading cause of air leaks in homes, which lets your climate controlled air seep out of the house while the elements work their way in. You can reseal your windows to combat this problem, but your best option may be installing new windows altogether. Modern windows are outfitted with more effective seals and thicker insulating glass that will make sure your air stays where you want it.