5 Tips for Selling Your Used Car Online

Buying a Car Online - Hands and Key in LaptopsIf you’ve got a used car to sell, you might want to think twice about bringing it to a dealership as a trade-in. For the most part, you aren’t going to get what the vehicle is actually worth in this situation. The dealer must be able to turn around and resell your used car for a profit. And that means buying it for at least 15% under its true value. If you’re in a real money pinch or need to move and sell the vehicle quickly, you might have no other choice. But if time and finances aren’t as pressing, consider selling your car online instead. Each year more and more people do a significant chunk of their purchasing online, and with every Cyber Monday and online coupon sale those numbers increase. These days, people buy everything on the web and cars are certainly included. Here are five tips to help you sell your used car online.

First of all, take some time before you list your vehicle to see what else is out there in the marketplace. Unless you’ve got some sort of classic car that can’t be bought anywhere else, you’re going to be up against dozens or even hundreds of other vehicles that are almost identical to your own. They’ll be listed across all sorts of sites, catering to each one’s particular audience. If you want your vehicle to sell, you’ve got to compete with what’s out there. That means listing it for a number that’s reasonable for the vehicle’s condition and total mileage. But also look for final transaction prices as well. You’ll want to leave some room for negotiation, while still getting what you want for the vehicle.

You should also make sure you have a lot of quality photos of the vehicle to upload. This is a pretty large purchase for the online marketplace, so you’ve got to reassure people by covering your used car from every angle. The cars with the best, most comprehensive photos will always sell first. Take wide shots and closeups, note things like the odometer listing and any significant dents or blemishes, and place the car in settings that will be attractive to buyers. Remember, you want people to start picturing themselves enjoying life with your vehicle. So make sure the photo location is just as indicative of an experience with your vehicle as the detail shots of the car itself.

When listing your vehicle online, take some cues from the SEO expert’s playbook. You’ve got to make sure your listing jumps out from the hundreds of others, and that’s only possible if you fill the post’s headline with keywords. Do your own searching for vehicles like yours, and see what shows up. Try different keywords combinations, until you come up with the perfect mix for the customers you want to attract. Then think of the things that set your car apart from these others, and add those descriptive words to the headline. You’ll get the most visibility possible this way.

The way you write the description will also make a huge difference. This is one of the places you’ll have a leg up over a dealership trying to get rid of stock. They’ve got bulk listings to manage, so they’ll generally take shortcuts on this step, leading to less interest. As the original owner, you know this car better than anyone. You know what made you buy it, and what will be most attractive to others. You can also take the time to let the reader know that you are a real person, trustworthy when it comes to an online sale.

Finally, make sure you connect personally with any buyers that reach out to you. This is something the folks at www.thecarpeople.co.uk do that has set them apart from other resale services. Basically, this is your chance to take away a bit of the buyer’s concern they may have cautioning them against an online sale. By getting into communication early and remaining that way, they’ll be less drama, fewer obstacles and a simpler selling process.