5 Things Businesses Shouldn’t Do on Social Media

In this internet age, one of the most effective tools for branding and marketing your business effectively has to be through social media platforms. But, to be honest, social media tool can also lead to your business’s downfall if not used carefully. All small businesses need to understand that to make their brand popular, proper social media marketing strategies have to be taken. Here is a list of tips you could use for your business to increase exposure and customer reach. Read along to find out more about social media marketing strategies:

(1) It is important to know that following the clichés wouldn’t fetch you any benefits. It requires your brand to be different to get an edge over others. It is more about widening your reach to the people than following the usual.

(2) Content does that mean a 500-word post. To post good content, you should be able to balance text and visuals. What appears visually appealing is what grabs most attention. If you want people to open you blog and read it, it is important that you use creative graphics to complement your text. Also, blatant use of graphics that don’t look relevant can also cause your viewers to lose interest and scroll forward.

(3) While it is advised to post regularly, it is not advised to spam your users’ newsfeeds. Too many posts can irritate your customer. Therefore it is important to achieve a proper balance. With too many posts, the user will no longer pay much attention to your posts, and may just scroll down each of your post. So, it is important to be careful about how much you are posting online every month. How regular is too regular? This is what you need to understand.

(4) Don’t post anything that doesn’t concern your audience or related to your brand in anyway. Any irrelevant post or inappropriate comment on some issue that doesn’t concern the industry you deal with, can only annoy your followers.

(5) Some companies also tend to keep announcing marketing messages, and these messages appear at such high frequencies, that it can drive away people away from your company. Again, don’t spam your customer with unnecessary marketing messages that may hide the actual information that they are looking for. Son enough, your current customer will move on to another rival brand and you will lose out on your customers.