5 Steps To Getting Started Wholesaling Houses + MORE

5 Steps To Getting Started Wholesaling Houses + MORE

How to nail video. Be yourself.

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I was up a little late last night reading a few articles I had saved over the last few days when I noticed a couple tweets from Tacoma agent Anne Jones about YouTube uploads.
Since I was wide awake at the time I figured I would hop over to YouTube to see exactly what Anne was up to. I’ve had a few really nice interactions with her this year and she’s been one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram…

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Converting Motivated Sellers Throughout the 7 Stages of Grief
When advertising and marketing to sellers in distress, it’s helpful to know what sort of stages of emotions people in foreclosure typically go through. When you’re losing something special, feel trapped, or ashamed, the feelings are much like the stages of grief.
The 7 Stages of Grief
Shock and denial – “This can’t happen to me” is a common reaction to getting a foreclosure notice…

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Luxury Summer Rentals: Is $1 Million the New Normal?In the world of short-term rentals, it’s all about Memorial Day to Labor Day. Homes in popular vacation spots from Malibu to The Hamptons are emerging with rental prices from $100,000 to more than $1 million total for the summer.
While many associate these numbers with buying a home — not renting one for three months — these listings typically attract renters soon after they hit the market…

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Build a Sandcastle the Size of Your House
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By Movoto
The first day of summer is finally here—and that means the beaches will be packed with people this weekend to celebrate the official arrival of the sunniest season around. A lot of those folks will be taking part in a tradition that’s probably been around since people have been visiting beaches…

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92-Year-Old's Offer to Buy Back Home Denied, Eviction LoomsFiled under: News

By Susanna Kim

After raising money from Internet donors, a 92-year-old man’s attempts to buy back from his daughter the house that he built have been rejected as he awaits his eviction hearing next week. John Potter of Zaleski, Ohio, received an eviction notice from his daughter, Janice Cotrill, and son-in-law earlier this year, saying that they had terminated his “existing lease…

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5 Steps To Getting Started Wholesaling HousesMy first ever video post. First take… you might be able to tell. They can only get better from here. I hope you enjoy it.In this video, I cover 5 simple steps to getting started wholesaling houses.This is the order I feel people should focus on when just beginning.Step 1: Find Serious, Cash BuyersStep 2: Find Out What They Want In A DealStep 3: Find Them Deals That Meet Their CriteriaStep 4: Put The Deal Under Contract With The SellerStep 5: Assign The Contract To One of Your Cash BuyersMy intentions are to start adding more videos to the site which could include rehab walk-throughs and the like.

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