5 Steps to Destroy Debilitating Fear + MORE

5 Steps to Destroy Debilitating Fear + MORE

4 Obvious, But Not So Obvious Ways To Always Be Inspired

You read some awesome rag-to-riches story of somebody go overcame great odds to be the person he or she is today.

Typically, they got out of debt, got over addiction to drugs and even saved themselves from killing themselves.

It’s inspiring for sure.

It spurs you on to start taking action. Perhaps you finally decided to start your own business, start a blog or just quit your job…

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Your Gift for the Taking

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Your Gift for the TakingBy MarBeth Dunn –
The power of being present is something that shouldn’t be underestimated, since all of your power is in the here and now. When you really think about it, most pain, fear, doubt and sadness live in the past or are projected into the future. You’re either remembering a similar situation that wasn’t pleasant or you’re imagining what might happen…

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5 Steps to Destroy Debilitating Fear

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5 Steps to Destroy Debilitating FearCan I really do this?

Am I crazy?

What will others say?

It was 3 years ago, as I sat in my home alone, in the evening. I had spent the previous 4 years of my life teaching in the inner city of Los Angeles, California.

I was burnt out, depressed and overwhelmed.

I was caught in this strange vortex…

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Lover’s Leap

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Lover’s Leap 
Ever threaten to do it…Way back in the day when that special person had absolutely stolen your heart?  Let’s face it the story of Romeo and Juliette kind of confirms it can happen!
That said the topic to which I am referring has nothing to do with such a leap.  I’m really more focused on the power of a particular leap of faith…

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Is Productivity the Key to Happiness?

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Is Productivity the Key to Happiness?
Productivity is a good thing, right? That wonderful sense of accomplishment we get from getting more done in less time can be a genuine source of joy and satisfaction.
I think most of us are on the lookout for ways to ramp up our productivity. At the same time, it’s easy to get so caught up in the push that we forget why we are striving to be more productive…

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Twitter just released a new version of TweetDeck that brings a brighter UI (though you can switch back to the dark one in settings), and a new sidebar navigation system. Read more here.Read more…    

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Financial Management Tips: Properly Managing Your Finances During A DivorceThroughout our lives we will face many stressful situations, for some, this may include going through a divorce.  If you ever have to face a time like this, you should know that it is important that you protect yourself financially.  It is understandable that going through a divorce will leave you feeling mentally and physically drained, but you will still need to put in the energy to assure yourself that your future will be alright…

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Decide to Change: Make Action a Habit and 30 Days of Bold
Life doesn’t change much unless you decide to change it. Once you decide, really decide, there’s no going back. You craft a plan and take action.
Sometimes your action will be in the form of small steps. Sometimes you'll leap. As long as you're consistent, it doesn't matter…

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