5 Steps to Cultivate a Positive Mental Attitude

5 Steps to Cultivate a Positive Mental Attitude

Take control of your life today with a few tried and tested steps to cultivate a positive mental attitude that has worked for almost every successful and a joyous person on earth. If you have been struggling with your finances–or life in general–you owe yourself to be the success you were meant to be. 

By being a positive and more upbeat person, you can achieve virtually any goal you envision. Go through the easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement steps suggested in this post. You’ll be glad you did.

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Here Are the 5 Steps to Cultivate a Positive Mental Attitude

1) Improve your posture

Improving your posture is an indirect way to develop an alpha personality. Just like your body responds to your thoughts and feelings (sad and depressed people are more likely to have poor posture), the reverse is also true. Stand upright when in public and also do not cross your arms each time you feel social pressure. 

In addition, also be aware of your facial expressions. Always have a smile and make an appropriate amount of eye contact with people in your life.

2) Learn to let go of bottled up emotions

Whether you are a man or a woman, it is completely appropriate to let go of bottled up emotions with whatever medium you prefer. Some prefer crying while others know how to release pent up emotions by performing an intense physical activity like running or weight lifting. When you let go of your pent up emotions, you feel more fulfilled and you finally become free to live your life in harmony.

3) Get to the root of the issue

To break the stream of negative behavioral patterns (assuming you are struggling with it), first you should ask yourself why you are so negative. Is there something wrong with the people you spend the most time with? Do you consume a lot of junk food? Are you overworked and stressed out? Once you find out the root cause, it will become easier to eliminate the things that are detrimental for your well being.

4) Go out a lot

Whether have friends or not, going out to social venues like night clubs, cafes, live stand up comedy shows, etc will help you get out of your head. To cultivate a positive mindset, all you have to do is go out once or twice a week for the next few months. You can see the change for yourself. 

5) Listen to positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are lines that you can repeat in times when you need some positive reassurance. Don’t get me wrong, merely reciting positive affirmations every day without taking the right action won’t get you the results you want. However, these lines will prevent your negatively conditioned subconscious mind from getting in your way. Even successful people like Oprah Winfrey practice affirmations.


The great thing about these steps to cultivate a positive mindset is you don’t have to invest a penny out of your pocket. As the saying goes “the best things in life are free”, you can start being a more positive person from day one.