5 Savvy Ways to Spend Summer in High School

5 Savvy Ways to Spend Summer in High School

Summer holidays in the United States can last 8-12 weeks. This is the time when most students spend their time unwinding by engaging in video games, music, movies, spending time with family and friends, etc. Which is all great. But did you know that this crucial period can be spent working on yourself or developing new skills as well?

Here Are the 5 Savvy Ways to Spend Summer in High School

1) Travel and Work in a New Country

You can manage to work and travel abroad on your summer break if you plan early. Working abroad as a student requires you to have a valid work visa. Also, you need to have a proper job–with an appointment letter from your employer. Only then, can you spend your summer living, traveling and working in a foreign country? 

The initial process surely is a bit hectic but the long-term rewards of spending your summer in another country are quite high. At such a young age, you will get exposure to a new country, new culture, and new people. TheBalanceCareers has a great article on this topic. 

2) Work as an Intern

For the right candidates, major corporations are not willing to wait until they finish their college education. Also, mid-sized and small-scale companies have adopted this new hiring model. Internships usually last from 4-12 weeks. During this period, you are expected to display your unique skills and qualities to the hiring staff. Once you are deemed fit to work, they offer to hire you once you finish your education.

3) Get in Shape

I know it is not easy to get in shape in just 10-12 weeks, particularly when you are overweight by more than 10 pounds. However, by following a strict diet plan, exercise routine and getting proper sleep, you can set yourself up for the year to come. 

Use the summertime to get yourself used to exercise. In the initial phase of your journey, you will need a lot of rest. Holidays offer you a chance to rest and recover from gruesome workouts.

4) Engage in Community Service

Holidays do not always have to be all about enjoyment or making money. Sometimes you selflessly dedicate your time to the ones who need your help the most. Community service is a non-paying job that can give you the satisfaction of doing something good for others. When you make others feel happy, you feel happy in return. 

community service

Besides, community service is not just about helping others, you also learn key leadership skills, team management, communication skills, and much more. You can utilize the summertime to become a fully functioning member of your community. 

5) Socialize

The school or college period is quite hectic. Most of us do not have the time and patience to solidify our relationships. Use this time to visit each of your friends and relatives. Let them know that you care for them and are available when they need you. You can also make brand new friends by visiting local cafes, bars, and restaurants. 


During summertime, it would be ideal if you are able to maintain a balance between learning, traveling, working and socializing. Since your school or college has offered this period for you to rest and recover for the new semester, it would be quite challenging to spend it all on work-related activities.